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Got food coloring and dropped drops of it onto paper in the floor, let it dry and then scanned it, I love these brushes and decided I want to share them with all of you. These brushes are huge, average size is 2200px. 300dpi.

Please credit if used, link me to your deviation and fav if you like them.


Got some brush ideas? Email me -

________________________________________ ______________

Installation Notes:

These brushes were made in CS and will not work with any version older than CS!!

Download brushes, and cut and paste them in your photoshop installtion folder under Presets > Brushes

Simple as that, I've never worked on a mac so I dont know where to place them on a mac.
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You can never have enough blood! :lol
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AWeSome ! BRush !
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Used it here: [link]

Thank you!
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I love this brushes!
Thanks a lot :love:!
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ahh! these are awesome! i'm using them in a layout i'm working on right now..
i do have a question though..
how do you make a brush pack?
i use CS4 and i'd love to learn how to make my own brushes..
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I used them again here: [link]

Thank you!
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Hi, I used your brushes here: [link]

Thank you!
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Very nice! I used 'em here: [link]
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great job tks :+fav:
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Oh, holy crud... I just made a huge mistake. I didn't use these brushes on that painting... (though I did download yours. And they are really nice! ) Now I look like a total dumbass :ohmygod:

Sorry sorry... so sorry... Stupid dA and not being able to edit comments... >_>
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I love these brushes!! I used them here [link] .
And I know I'll be using them again...
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thanks! these are great

!! would only work in CS3 when I gave the file an extension of .abr !!
(currently it has no extension)
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these are cool! I'm gunna use it :D
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OwO These ROCK! Blood splattering is so hard to do in PS! Well, for me it is, great presets, I can't wait to use them! :D
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is it a ABR file?...i cant get it to work o.o
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You're probably trying to use it in a different version of photoshop. I made these in photoshop CS
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Awesome! Now I don't have to make them through other means. Thanks a bunch! I wish I found this earlier, though...
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Its pretty much the same on mac too. Just copy to presets folder -> brushes (I think).
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Awesome, gonna take them and of course credit if I'll use them :>
They do look really nice and huge splatters are the best, because I usually work at 150-300dpi :heart:
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I would love these, but do you think they might work on Gimp, since I don't have photoshop anymore?
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