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Doctor: "What?! WHAT!?

Cadence: "Who are you? where am I?!

Doctor: "WHAT!?"


Doctor:  "WHAT!!??"
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Cadance:  Who are you?
You haven't been in any of my Ships before.
Where did you come form?
 Damn who am I gonna pair you with?
This is gonna mess up all my ships now.
I can't have random stallions appearing out of no where.

Derpy:  Doooooctoooooor are you back?
I have Muffins

Cadance:  mmmmmmm
I don't think Luna will mind.
Hey Joy Waggoner have you seen this yet…
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now that I've seen the episode I get the reference
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That still remains as one of my favorite all-time scenes of Doctor Who. :D
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Not gonna lie...this waas the first episode of Doctor Who, tha I ever saw XD I'm not kidding :3
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So it means Doctor's future companion is Cadance?
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Ha, awesome crossover idea! :D I think this may be the first Cadence/Whooves interaction I've seen pictured, too!
XD Awesome!!
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Bet that changeling queen got sucked into the tardis because of her weird changeling magic
That isn't Chrysalis impersonating Cadence, that is the real Cadence.
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how do you know?
Because I'm the guy who commissioned him to paint it.
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and you specified?
Yes, check the description if you don't believe me.
But Chrysalis is more logical choice. Cadance tried too hard to save Shining. She wouldn't run away.
Have you ever watched the Doctor Who special, the runaway bride?
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Theres always something around the corner for this Doc :D
hey joeywaggoner have you seen this yideo yet…
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New story arc incoming (I'd love to see that ,w,) 
What's it a new story arc for?
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