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Joke Time with Maud and Pinkie Pie

This scene just popped into my head while watching the episode earlier today.

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I was expecting "Hard Rock" as her answer.
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Funny as always Pinkie Pie !
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XD Hee hee. Maud is funny like her sister.
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Maud likes rocks, so her favorite kind if music is rock-and-roll

is that it?
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:lol: Another hilarious one :D
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Is this also a reference to Megaman?
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Glados: I think we're going to get along just fine, after all maud you won't be able to get tested on, I should be sad but I'm not.
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Rock and more rockLovely Shoujo (Lovely Heart Dance) [V4] 
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HAHAHA....I love it!
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She says Rock and Roll, but she doesn't know what it means while Pinkie makes a joke out of it?!

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Pinkie made maud say it so maud might not know what it means
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