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Game Time with Maud

Commissioned and Written by :iconweirdkev-27:

Artwork by me.

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THIS IS AWESOME. The art style is adorable, the dialogue fits the characters, and it's just downright funny. BUT the one thing that is okay, but LOTS AND LOTS of other artists have done, so it's not that original, is .......... you used Maud. I can't even COUNT how many times on the internet i have seen Maud. but that is THE ONLY THING i don't love! great job, bravo, bravo!AAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AH AH AH AHA AH AH im sorry, i had a spasm from the amazingness. let me continue. WOW Wow WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WWOW WOW WOWO WOW WOW WOW
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Pretty fair.
But what is wrong with using Maud?
AgentDan1337's avatar
I know, right...
BobClampettFan164's avatar
I think I've seen this joke in Spongebob before.
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Silly Maud, we play "Sprite, Mite, Breezie"

Sprite (cross hooves to represent cuddlieness and x-shaped wings)
Mite (hooves upward and bent forward to represent lightning strike)
Breezie (Hooves spread out wards to represent large wings)

Sprites munches on Breezies
Breezies blinds and fogs up Mites (with large amounts of collected plant debris)
Mites shock Sprites
BigKGIRL's avatar
For some reason, I see Lyra in this comic.
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Now that's just sad. XD
Garfieldfan22's avatar
I have hands... It's just that I'm bad at it.
ChaudStarpower's avatar
Awwwww Maud. Y U SO ADORABLE??
Minecraftgunner's avatar
why is derpy sad😞
InvaderPucca's avatar
Where? I don't see her...

Oh wait I see her... But she's not sad... She's laughing...
Arcolm's avatar
I get the punch line but... "too soon" comes to mind.
IllusiveMistery69's avatar
Arcolm's avatar
Pinkie sort of ruined it. Even so... can't be helped consider well... Its Pinkie.
Danthecoolest25's avatar
Lyra should've been the one still standing there. If you know what I mean.
E-guardias's avatar
hey derpy was there.
GUILLE832's avatar
Meanwhile, in any sitcom...
Sonicissodreamy's avatar
She can do 2 things.Paper and rock.
FacelessSoles's avatar
No fingers, so rock only
Sonicissodreamy's avatar
Paper,you just open your hand/hoof.
FacelessSoles's avatar
Oh, of course... I forgot that detail...
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