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Sure... Right... "Friends," keep telling yourselves that.

(If it wasn't that obvious already, yes I ship them. In fact the 100th episode made me ship them more than I ever had before.)

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I tend to not ship most pairs of ponies, and go with the "Friendship is so strong that friends develop One Piece Straw Hat Crew level friendships VERY easily" theory.

Except Pony Flash Sentry and Twilight, and Derpy Hooves/Trouble Shoes.
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I just love your at styleMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote 
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I watched Slice of Life with my younger sister the other day, and every scene they were in I yelled "They're giiiiiiirlfrieeeends" 
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This seems almost like we watched differen 100th episode(well I usually use rather full numeration witch includes movies - what let me to have files with episodes and movie in chronological order - so for me Slice of life is rather like 102th but well that doesn't matter)... It rather confirm for me that they are just best friends. Maybe even they're like sisters for each other, but there's nothing romantic in their relationship. For me episode "Slice of life" showed it quite clearly.
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Friends with BENEFITS!!!
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I'm quite sure this ship is canon.
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I don't like this ship but it cool... :)
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ah the shipping community i love it
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Gay ponies abusing the friendzone XD Love it!
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Then why are you here?
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BonBon:She's more than just my best friend...
Lyra:She's more like...Family.
Sweetie Belle:AW,COME ON!!!
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The ultimate plot twist. (Hey, it worked in Star Wars.)
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Princess Leia…his SISTER?!
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Suure ''best friends''
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Lybonra is best pony couple :)
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(no words.........)(but..........)La risa de rainbow dash Angry Human Rainbow Dash 
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