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Bobbing for Apples



Recently Hot Topic youtube channel released a video interview with Applejack where she revealed that she got her hat "Bobbing for Apples at the Ponyville Fair," (See the full interview here:… ) after seeing that video I decided to make a comic to expand on that a bit.

Production on this comic was hard due to the fact that my art program kept freezing up while I was drawing it, but I'm pretty satisfied after finishing it. I personally think this is one of my best comics, it's one of my few comics that actually makes me kind of emotional.

Hope you enjoyed reading it.

*UPDATE* Typo fixed

Tumblr link:…

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Now with a comic dub and analysis by Dr. Wolf.

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It's a hat that she got from her father, and yet in one episode she trow it to the garbage and buy a new one, let that sink in.......