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A Cheesy Discord Comic *Update: Now in Color*

By JoeyWaggoner
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A comic strip commissioned by :iconweirdkev-27:

He wanted to see Discord try to make Cheese Sandwich discorded. He came up with the concept and the story while I did the drawings and added some dialogue.

*UPDATE*: Now in color.

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First of, you did a good job on this comic, the background, colors, the charcaters. Oh yeah, and I knew this comic was going to happen... Well, Cheese getting discored. *OMGGG I GOT PINKIE PIE SENSE AAHH* But, I loled at this comic. Poor Cheese Sandwich XD. Now, Boneless will ignore him? or find a new owner? Maybe something like that. Discord failed at trying to discord the Weird Al Pony- I mean,Cheese Sandwich! Haha. Vision: I can totally see this happening. So... Yeah. Oringinal: Well, no one else thought of it,so... Yeah. Tech: IT SO BEUTIFUL Impact: I loled at this comic, plus Ed Edd and Eddy.
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Wouldn’t he just turn into a pony version of the vegetable alien from the last episode of “Amazing Stories”?
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wwwhat just happened?
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nice but this not possible. discord can corupe all he want with little or no problem but the little problem is like a pony like fluttershy so not possible to corupe with the word so is with the finger
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what fun is there in making sense?
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true! but cheese is not inmute on chaos magic! sure this comic is funny but in the show if cheese meet discord befor the reform, cheese will get same the other pony get!
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hey there Joey, imma gonna dub this comic but no worries, you will get credit in the end of the video ^^
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Boneless: braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssss
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wow serve u right for stealing pinkies spotlight!Rainbow Dash (Lol Whut) Plz 
Oh, looks like i might need too do my Discord for this :)
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Poor Boneless! JAJAJAJA!
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Fairly Odd Parents style! :D
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LOL! Ed, Edd, & Eddy reference FTW! XD
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I died.... BTW poor cheese
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Dat Ed Edd n Eddy reference tho. 
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