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She's dead, Jim.


~CurtainRodFace and myself; she and my mom made those XD

[EDIT] I've seen at least one person add this to a folder of what looked like fap little sister (in the red dress) was 14 when this was taken, and she's still underage. Don't be creepy.

Star Trek (c) Gene Roddenberry/Paramount
Photo taken by :iconkanna-maru:
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Nov 1, 2009, 7:24:30 PM
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coos111's avatar
Doh, it’s always the cute ones when a redshirt ain’t around... :(
cazadoroculto's avatar
Are There More pictures of this sequence?
redracer01's avatar
alas she chose to wear the dreaded red shirt colors.
cyberwarlocke's avatar
And this is the stuff that you didn't get to see during The Onion's presentation of 'Bring Your Daughter to War Day.'
BadKitty44's avatar
Tribble (really have to watch that auto-spell correct, eh?)
BadKitty44's avatar
Death by Trimble, maybe the Klingons were right not to trust those furry little creatures!
Raakone's avatar
Nice outfits. I wonder what did in this redshirt....uh, red-dress.
zmallshooz's avatar
...but still warmmmmmmmmmmm
JoeyJoeJoeJrShabbadu's avatar
I feel like I should point out that she's underage.
zmallshooz's avatar
I am in full retreat, apologies
hojojitsu's avatar
Sure, the tribbles look all sweet and innocent, but nobody knows about their pathological hatred of redshirts!

Great pic.
yellowplasma's avatar
It's a good thing that Red Shirt was along, otherwise that science officer may have perished!
hgordon22's avatar
Another red shirt (or red skirt) goes down!
masimage's avatar
I'll give her the kiss of life. Great photo.
yashlyrayann's avatar
is that a TRIBBLE! aww tis so cute! =D
JoeyJoeJoeJrShabbadu's avatar
Heck yes 8D And thanks X3
teh-wend's avatar
this pic still makes me giggle... :)
shadowblood6323's avatar
Jim: -stares at you dully-
Jim: .... dur?

XD Awesome costumes!
JoeyJoeJoeJrShabbadu's avatar
Pretty much XD And thanks! I love them lots X3
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