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Peak of one civilization.

Those ships are not burning - it's a pollution (nah - humankind is incorrigible).

Anyway - available wallpaper resolutions:

Standard wall:



P.S.: If you like it and download it, you should also fav it. It's not compulsory (of course) but it's just a one click for you and it means a lot of motivation for me to make some more wallies... ;)

P.P.S: Thx a lot to ^archanN for the DD feature! Yeah!! :D
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shadowmaria1997Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic!! :D
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darkdragoneyeStudent General Artist
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Great work! It's been featured on Sparverse! [link]
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JoeyJazzProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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Vicks007Student General Artist
Plasma venting?
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amazing stuff! :)
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SuperSmurggerHobbyist Digital Artist
You just keep on stricking me everytime you submit sometihng !! :wow:
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DARKRISER-1080Hobbyist General Artist
Is it possible to :+fav: a Deviant's whole Gallery? Or at least a folder in their Gallery? 'Cuz I'd definitely do that for you!

Out of curiousity, what programs do you use for most of your deviations? They can't all be made with Photoshop, since some of it looks like it's CGI. Or are you just that good?

PS I've already :+devwatch:'d you.
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JoeyJazzProfessional Digital Artist
I think it's possible to drag the gallery section to the favourite collection. (just click and hold the section and you'll know what to do - it's pretty intuitive).

They are all made with PS but some parts have basis on terragen renders or 3DSM models (like this ship.. ..although, the base model has no texturing, coloring or any details - it's all a paintover).
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extremepacmanStudent Traditional Artist
I love this wallpaper, I downloaded about 10 other sci-fi wallpapers from deviantART and this one is my favourite.
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oh my goodness check out those ships =o cool
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oh so pretty! :D
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IsiacDaGracaProfessional Digital Artist
i've got too much starcraft on the brain (downloads)
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Those ships are awsome looking.
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SethSoraFett555Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow I love Sci-Fi way to much and you make Freaking awsome Sci-Fi art way too much... my favs folder and you might have a problem soon, lol.
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oh whoa. love this . sooo cool
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Jesus-Tks Digital Artist
Nice work, fantastic detail as usual :)
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CoryCowProfessional General Artist
Those are some really interesting ship designs, dude. You really got this down, I see.
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what is this apart of?

I know that it is earth in the super far away future (assuming we get that far) but it looks like a combination of halo, star wars, and titian AE, so what is it?
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JoeyJazzProfessional Digital Artist
It's none of it and it's not even Earth. I make my own universes ;)
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it still looks part halo/starwars/titianAE O.O
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RazielgodHobbyist Digital Artist
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inSECTedProfessional Filmographer
very inspiring man, awesome to see your ability to portray what you conceptualize become easier and easier. Been watching your stuff with a keen eye for a while.
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The picture is beautiful. Congratulations.
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