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Waters of Europa

For fullview and wallpaper visit: [link]

Info by Greg Martin:

Covered with layer of constantly renewing ice
ten kilometers deep, Europa has been called
the next best possibility for life in our solar
system. As such it isn't hard to imagine we will
one day send submersibles beneath the ice in
search of the upwelling heat and nutrient
sources needed for life as we know it to

Fourth piece for ETP. The most fun doing it, the most time spent on it (so far). You see - there isn't much light beneath the ten kilometers of ice, so the light sources had to be artifical. Robotic submersibles were the first (and right) choice. It's not reality, it's a possible future but not complete science-fiction. And what is better than one robot? TWO! - They are called Ecco and Hello (which shines right into our eyes so we can see just it's flashlight. And yeah - it's more like a waterscape than spacescape :)

Oh, and the making of: [link]

Criticism, advices and feedback were given by *sirgerg, ~edlo, =VisualFour and ~Kaioshen- thanks guys!

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Could you please upload the wallpaper version? The linked site is down.

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Wow! Absolutely amazing! 😍😍😍
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Thank you so much for all your appreciation :) :heart:
AniaJay's avatar
Oh, you're very welcome! Appreciation must be shown when we cross paths with such gorgeous artwork, imo! ♥️
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This is amazing! I've actually been dancing around the idea of a book set on Europa and I was wondering if you'd mind me using this as a part of a cover that I'd make? I would give you credit, of course, either by your Deviantart name or whatever name you prefer, and there isn't a guarantee that it will actually be published ever, but I would absolutely love to use this art if you'd allow it!
JoeyJazz's avatar
It's no problem if the book is for free.
Rennasan427's avatar
Well, It might never actually be published, it' more of just a thing that I want to do!
JoeyJazz's avatar
Then it's for personal purposes and you may use it - rememeber, the moment it is published, you will have to pay for non-exclusive rights at least.
Rennasan427's avatar
Alright, well thanks!! :D
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How ironic, I find this just after watching the movie Europa Report. :D
glassocean's avatar
Pretty cool... reminds me of the film Europa Report
(I hope they make another one like that except where they visit that moon called Titan)
I actually wasn't very impressed with Europa Report but then again I think they were trying to be a little less fantastic than most space scifi stuff.
glassocean's avatar
Maybe its a planet made entirely of Poweraide :)
Guyverman's avatar
The liquid could be acidic.
JoeyJazz's avatar
the Ice would melt - impossible.
VoadorChama's avatar
Heh heh.......I wanna travel there now. :D
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I am shocked.
You are epic at drawing and painting!!!!
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This is my favorite entry of ETP.
draenei-friend's avatar
JoeJesus has once again given DA a fine piece of artwork :thumbsup:
StarkitecktDesigns's avatar
my faith in digital art is renewed!
jizzyjiz's avatar
quit amazing!
ChaosTheory116's avatar
EUROPA!!! Best moon ever :dummy:
i remember when i first saw Europa through a telescope. this brings back memories...

i love the eerie lighting and the texture.
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Wallpaper is in use <3
deetroy's avatar
Been studying your work for about 2 hours and I just love it! Breathtakeing scenerys.

Keep up the good work!
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