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Twilight Patrol

Some wallpapers for your background :) ...I mean - everyone writes a lot of information about their pictures and how they were enlightened by that idea to create just that deviation. Well - I did it 'cause I had some free time and thats all you need to know ;) . Just enjoy it.

Pack contains:

For your own wallpaper usage only - you are not permitted to use this picture in your works or claim this picture as your own. You are also not allowed to use it for commercial purposes.
© 2008 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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I love this, scenes like this evoke something ( don't know what! ) inside me. x
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Really awesome, this will be my new wallpaper...Gprgeus sci-fi feel.
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gorgeous...damn auto-correct
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Amazing job!
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Holy s*** this is awesome
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pretty damn awesome, :D love the colours.
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Love it, the light work is gorgeous.
Just a tiny piece of critique tough... ;) the red light on the left looks a bit like a gradient, you could blur it a bit to make it a bit smoother. Other than that, it's a great wallpaper, I'll be using it for a while. :) :+favlove:
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Original image was done in 16bits and converted to 8bits. It's a JPG, not PNG (which would be smoother but too big for a wallie). Resolution of the original is also much bigger than the preview used - blur would not help at all (trust me, I tried it).
It's caused by the fact that there are just a few colours spread around the big canvas and the gradients between them are just too vast to be shown smoothly in after the conversion to JPG. Just look moore carefully and you'll find the same problem on the other side as well. In the 16bits .PSD these gradients are perfectly smooth.
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Pretty amazing stuff tbh,
Reminds me a lot of Muse's songs.
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How do you get those really crisp Brush strokes on the Pink to White atmosphere?
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Hello my friend,

I send this message to tell you that I featured your work:
- in my Journal: [link]
- in my News: [link]

Congratulations for the wonderful work!!! :clap:
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Thank you a lot for your support! :)
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you're welcome!
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The colors and the combination of all objects is perfect.This is one of my favorite sci-fi walls!
Wow amazing!!!
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i'm shocked
awesome million times
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Very nice, I think it would look better without the fighter plane though, I just doesn't fit in with the rest of the scene
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Awesome, I'm going to Fav.
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Nice, amazing i must say, fav deserved
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Ohhhhh! Wonderful!!!
I love all the colors! And the stars and the planet and the spaceship and stuff SO COOL!!
Byez! CrazyHane
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