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Tides and Sails

Tides & Sails
...yeah I know solar sails work the other way around... ...I just don't give a s*** :)

Pack contains:
If you have smaller resolution, just fit it into your screen.

You like, you download, you fav!

For your personal desktop use ONLY!
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Np! Your an amazing artist, keep up the great work! ^^

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Reminds me of Count Dooku's ship in episode II.
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Actually, you've got it right. Look up Japan's IKAROS solar sail, that sucker went straight for the inner system to Venus. Then again, it's a hybrid system of a solar sail and solar cells. If yours mounted solar cells and ion engines, than this is totally legit.
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Really nice ! Love this ship design. You did a very neat work on this asteroids field and that colour scheme blue/purple is just insane !
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Your work as been featured here… :hug: :heart:
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I love your art so much, it's so unique.
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Thank you! Enjoy it!
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Very nice and I love the color scheme :D.
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Beautiful, I love the color scheme.
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I like the idea of using a solar sail. Love this one.
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I wonder how long this sail will be whole in that asteroid field. :)
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It doesn't have to be accurate to science as we know it, besides, whose to say what future developments may occur?  :D

Like the use of purple and the asteroids.
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Great picture!
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Nice :) - podobná loď bola v Star Wars 2 
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Jop, je to vůbec docela populární koncept :)
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Beautiful piece of space art, and a nice-looking ship.  Reminds me of the one from Tron or Star Trek: Deep Space 9.
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