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Theory ]|[: Rip It Apart


Theory ][: Question Everything by JoeyJazz
Theory by JoeyJazz

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© 2018 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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Your welcome.
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This is absolutely amazing as a wallpaper (right rotate + resize to 1080p). Thanks for all the purely Zen moments to come!
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The beauty of space - rotate it and it still works 😁😁 Enjoy it!
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Awesome, the colours are fantastic!!
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Thank you. 😊
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Soooo pretty, gotta love the colours! :+fav:
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What a lovley piece, those colors are just perfect! :heart:
Where can i get the dualscreen version? Horny! :D
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I'm afraid it wouldn't work that way :D
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noooooooooooo Waaaah! 
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This is what we were waiting for, more unique ripspaces! Please continue to explore these brightscapes.

Liking the matter/anti-matter depth.
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Thank you! Will do.
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Reminds me of... fried eggs :sunnysideup: Seriously cool work though, yellow and white are very hard to use together because there's not a great deal of contrast between them. But your complimenting placement of each colour (yellow on parts of the planet backed by white, and white on the planets sitting in front of yellow) really helps solve that issue. I can also imagine this mounted on the wall of a very modern-style house that would have this colour scheme (along with black and wood surfaces for constrast) used throughout the home :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much :) 
Hmm, space sunny-side-up object... that would be a matter.
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awesome and interesting :)
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Reminded of those chocolates that have honeycombs in them! Very unexpected colors but they go well together. 
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I absolutely love colors used in this piece! It's a very unique take on the classic spacescape!
Great job!
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