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The Moth and The Flame

:iconseancruz: "you should do a gas giant exploding next time :P" Source:…

72 hours later... (well, it's actually another 3-4 hour work, but.. ..meh). The gas giant got too close to its mother...

Enjoy it!

Pack contains:
Wider screens:
If you have smaller resolution, you'll just fit it into your screen.

You like, you download, you fav!

For your personal desktop use ONLY!
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I found this on several wallpaper sites, but until now was unable to find the author. Now I have, I feel seriously guilty for not trying harder to find you earlier- can I continue using it as my website header? (the website is
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Put a link to the original and a credit somewhere and you may keep it there.
GFP-WhenISayRun's avatar
Thanks so much- I've added a credit with link. Your art is amazing, by the way :)
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This is fap worthy. I'm fapping right now, I'm really fapping.
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This is brilliant!
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Oooh~ I can see a moth and a flame, though I'm not entirely sure they're the ones you thought they would be xD
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thank u very much
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Love from Beijing, :kiss: Amazing work!
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Could I flip this horizontally and use it as my youtube channel background? If you want, I'll add a hyperlink to your dA & credits
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Of course - put there a credits and a link an there is no problem.
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this has been my desktop for this semester so far. i find it very hard to find bright and warm backgrounds, and i just wanted to thank you for this awesome work :D
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Thank you and enjoy it :)
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wow wow wow wow its a great image
q programa utilizas quiero estudiar la carrera de animacion digital y quiero aprender a utilizar esos programas
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What? You're too good. That planet is breathtaking.

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awesome well done!
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You can't stop to produce? :D But again very nice work dude! :)
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I'm neeeever gonna stop! ... :D :D :D Thx!
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So much detail!!
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Dude, this is too good! (but, it's expected from you!) :)
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