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8 hrs ... most time spent on the planet surface.

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Asimov approves! =D:D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing! Were you inspired by Asimov's Foundation?
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Sorry, no :D. It's just a title.
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impresionante! :O
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Very beautiful,
well done with the light ! :thumbsup:
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Gosh this image is just so beautiful...I can barely express in words how I feel about makes me want to cry but i have no idea why...thank you for making this <3
Umm did u paint this? cause if u did u r just kick as* i love ur works i want to be an astronomer when i grow up my mom does not like the idea of it but ur pictures really inspire to go for it thank u :)
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Love this one, great job!
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Amazing! Very breathtaking!
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Fantastic work!
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Truly fantastic. This picture looks really great in full size. I love it.
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love it man!! :D
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Wow, absolutely great! I love the art.

I still have on of your images as my background. :)
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this is behyond awesomeness!!
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Really really great piece. I'm sad you're not releasing a wallpaper version though! :(
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Kamchatka has a great song called Terminus...the picture is nothing new, but beautiful tho :)
gimme more
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Well worth every second!!!
:thumbsup: :clap: :clap:
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You're very welcome!
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