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May 23, 2011
Stellar by =JoeJesus Absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!
Featured by Casperium
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It's been two months already? Geez. Well - here is something new before I finally release my oncoming, more sophisticated pictures.

Pack contains:
2048x1536 (left and right version)
1920x1536 (left and right version)
2560x1600 (left and right version)
Wider screens:
If you have smaller resolution, you'll just fit it into your screen.

You like, you download, you fav!

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Subtle world-building, twin exhausts, you got to wonder who is in those vehicles and where will their journey take them.
Love it.
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My avatar pretty much summarize my reaction to this image... :D
This is seriously awesome
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Do you have a file with all of your works because it would be great and would save time for people? Also, great art it's beautiful and it's precisely what I love in this universe the most! (the scenery) 
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That file would be gigabytes large aaaand no, I don't plan to release one :)
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wow...sometimes,i really hope in deep space..there is something like this exist.
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DMCA notice sent, thx for heads up!
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You're welcome. I hate seeing that kind of stuff happen, especially on a piece like Stellar (one of my all-time fave wallpapers 8)).
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Beautiful piece of work.
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This is awesome!
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very good work....awesome pic.
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how could you do that @@
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Shooting stars or rockets? xD Great job!
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Love from Beijing, :kiss:
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Thx for all the messages! :)
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