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Soundtrack to our inspiration.

Unfortunately, deviantart is bugged at the moment and won't allow me to upload any larger file for print purposes, therefore no buy print option this time around. I'll upload it once the problems are resolved. Thank you for understanding.

Pack contains:
Dual screen:
If you have smaller resolution, just fit it into your screen.

For your personal desktop use ONLY!
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Your art has been featured here (journal made in Eclipse)

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Masterpiece Joey !!!!!
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Thank you for your appreciation :)
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Wondrously beautiful, but what... is it exactly? At first I just thought it was a giant gas cloud or a nebula or something, but looking at it closely I'm not so sure. 
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I don't know what this is or how you made it, but it's damn beautiful. ☆_☆
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This is awesome!! Fantastic job!!
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Wow! Stunning!
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Is is breathtaking, awe inspiring and vibrant. Absolute perfection.
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Nice! I love the texture! :D
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Print-option has been bugged for me for quite a while. Usually, it uploads just fine though (still throwing error messages at me). Reloading the page makes the uploaded file appear then. Sometimes :p
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Just incredible and brilliant colours too!
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Love the colour scheme. Can't go wrong with browns and cyans for a nebula pic. And there is a real 3D feel to this one to. I can easily tell the brown area is denser than the surrounding parts.

Oh, I am only just now seeing the violin-like form in it. Duh - silly me :slow:
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Thank you. No problem about that, somebody has already turned it upside down to find a pussy in it...
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I saw that comment :lmao: Then again, certain styles of sci-fi explosions or even images of galaxies viewed from side-on get that a lot anyway. The properties of physics always seems to shape a lot of things in space into balls and vagina's :shifty:
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and the small blue puffs flying away are musical notes :D
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