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Son of Daedalus

A tribute to an alien.. (for those, who actually don't read (that would mean that it's pointless to write this either - lol) - it's a tribute to Alyn's "Icarus's Wish" [link] - no part of his image was used).

EDIT: HI-RES! - Fullview is a MUST :D :D (well, actually - it's just 35% of the 6000x4500px fullview)

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Hauntingly beautiful :)
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Beautiful! Checking the hi-res view now. Love it!
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looks scary lol
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holy crap this is awesome!!
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what resolution did u use?
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Dude,y our work may actually be more beautiful than Life, I kid you not. I mean youseenew deviationfrom JoeJesus,andI think weres the Fav button? I think of faving it before I even see the work. That's howgood I think your Sci-Fi digital art is.
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som ti to nekomentoval ? :D sakra :D nevadí, práca dosť pekná ale mám pocit že pomaly sa stráca už originalita.
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čteš ty vůbec info pod obrazem? :)
jinak na originalitu si počkej do konce července... víc neprozradim
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okej, nevšimol som si, moja chyba ;)
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This has been featured in news article

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You're welcome :heart:
amazing work!!!!
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I always thought "the yellow alien" was °jark, or is this a tribute to both him and alyn? :D Great piece nevertheless. :)
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sh***t - I just wanted to make a bit fun and there really exist someone who fits even more... ...ok, I'll change it for an alien... ...dammit :D
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Well you got me there for a while and then I had that "waaaaiiiit a minute" moment. :D It's ok I like how this looks joejesus, but still recognize it as alyn's piece. :)
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Also re: the comment mentioning that the original has no change in tones. I actually find that his (Alyn's) starfield does blend in quite a bit with the tone of the backdrop, therefore giving the impression of greater variation in that regard.
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Well - the problem with Icarus's Wish is that those stars are actually really tiny (which I really LOVE about it), making much more vast impression - it's a nice, inspirational piece.

One thing is that alyn's style is kinda a challenge and it is clearly obvious he isn't a cheap "filter" guy. On the other hand - I'm glad I didn't completely recreate it - it's more like Alyn's Icarus's Wish in JoeJesus style... ...which is the most further I would go - as Greg Martin once said - enough of cheap copies :)
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Ah, sure, although it wouldn't quite be a cheap copy to do so ;) in fact, the cheap copies are those which fall far short, although yours is certainly not in that category! I also wouldn't call such distant stars a problem, though I seem to get what you mean, in that you didn't want to replicate it in his style.
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Will you ever submit this as a print ? i would love this hanging on my wall at those pixels.
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Maybe... ...I'm not sure if I should profit upon someone elses vision...
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