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Smoke Break

Artwork No.115 
Yup, this city is busy...

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man. this is honestly one of the most beautiful skylines i think I've ever seen

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This is just SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

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How much nice this is!
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Hey, are you also doing commission art? I need an artwork for my book cover. Couldn't find anything about it on your profile, sorry

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The Cover has to be (512x800 pixels) and would contain a character in the forground, charging up his bow. The rest of the picture should be about a flying island in the background, sunset, clouds, maybe some scenery in front of the character and the title of the book. I hope you can tell me what price you would make for this kind of request. Thank you :3

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Are you sure about the size? That's quite small fir a book cover.
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It's for wattpad, for now atleast. If it's going to be successful I would probably contact you for a bigger version :D I realized that it's really important to have a good and interesting cover, that's different from the rest. But just taking some random anime picture isn't enough for me and also not 100% legal xD most of the authors make their cover with canva. I really want a drawn cover for my story :3

The world if Anti-vaxxers didn't exist
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Oh I would love to see a vista like this even if it was just for a minute
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WOW- This is truly magnificent !!!

I really enjoy and appreciate the way you carefully used your composition to create that wonderful open space ahead of the main character. Plus-the details and realism of your buildings. Makes me feel like I'm actually standing there and just looking out onto the city and letting my mind wander. GREAT !

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Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments :)
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absolutely stunning!
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Как же прекрасен Челябинск!
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I just love futuristic city scapes!
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+pretty cool _  and those that smoke could imagine as the character +  :smoking:
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Nice work Joe! Great use of perspective :)
Did you used brushes for creating those skyscrapers?
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