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Smoke Break

By JoeyJazz
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Yup, this city is busy...

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How much nice this is!
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Hey, are you also doing commission art? I need an artwork for my book cover. Couldn't find anything about it on your profile, sorry

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The Cover has to be (512x800 pixels) and would contain a character in the forground, charging up his bow. The rest of the picture should be about a flying island in the background, sunset, clouds, maybe some scenery in front of the character and the title of the book. I hope you can tell me what price you would make for this kind of request. Thank you :3

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Are you sure about the size? That's quite small fir a book cover.
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It's for wattpad, for now atleast. If it's going to be successful I would probably contact you for a bigger version :D I realized that it's really important to have a good and interesting cover, that's different from the rest. But just taking some random anime picture isn't enough for me and also not 100% legal xD most of the authors make their cover with canva. I really want a drawn cover for my story :3

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The world if Anti-vaxxers didn't exist
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Oh I would love to see a vista like this even if it was just for a minute
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WOW- This is truly magnificent !!!

I really enjoy and appreciate the way you carefully used your composition to create that wonderful open space ahead of the main character. Plus-the details and realism of your buildings. Makes me feel like I'm actually standing there and just looking out onto the city and letting my mind wander. GREAT !

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Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments :)
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absolutely stunning!
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Как же прекрасен Челябинск!
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I just love futuristic city scapes!
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+pretty cool _  and those that smoke could imagine as the character +  :smoking:
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Nice work Joe! Great use of perspective :)
Did you used brushes for creating those skyscrapers?
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Sort of - those tiny ones are brushed - I've made about 4-5 city vista brushes in the last few months and I often use them to make those little 'horizon buildings' (as I call them). The rest is painted manually.
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My pleasure, Joe! Thanks for the info! I figured you must be using brushes for those tiny buildings, otherwise, it would take way too much to draw one by one.
But the details on the bigger builds are awesome and those lights on the small horizon buildings are spot on!
I've started some thumbnail landscape painting myself these last few days using only b&w values, following Noah Bradley's The Fundamentals of Landscapes:…
One thing I don't understand is how in the world is he changing the brush size by a factor of 10? Any ideas?
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Custom settings on the tablet - there is a (sort of) wheel touchpad on the left side of wacom intuos tablets that can operate as a zoom or a brush size or any other function you desire, so he probably operates it with his thumb while he paints.
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Hmmm... Nit sure it's that. I have such an Intuos Pro but the touch wheel makes the brush size adjustment 1 by 1px. And this guy most certainly works on a Cintiq which doesn't have the touch wheel. Guess I have to dig deeper.
Do you usually resize the brush manually or use the pressure in the pen?
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