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SP - Squadron

Artwork No.106 - 40mins speedpaint with texturing

Pack contains:

If you have smaller resolution, just fit it into your screen.


For your personal desktop use ONLY!
© 2019 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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all of your artwork is breathtakingly beautiful

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Thank you kindly :heart:

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quick question - what program do you use? And if it's photoshop, how do you create the propulsion trails and burner glow? Are you simply using a line with an opacity gradient and a blur effect for glow or something else? Just wondering as I make similar stuff and have developed a few ways to achive similar effects but yours look cleaner somehow. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Great work btw
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Hello, yes, I use PS. The trails are simple - create a dark circle layer, put it on linear dodge, so the black isn't visible. Now render lens-flare in it (you need to ctrl-select the layer), blur it with gauss a bit to remove sharp elements. Now you basically made a star layer. Take this and stretch one dimension to 400% and the other to just 5%. As for the glow - I just use soft round brush on lineare dodge layer and sometimes blur the layer with radial blur. That's it 🙂
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Ok thanks a lot man, I'll have a play around with it tomorrow in the piece I'm working on. I'll share the results with you when it's finished if you like. I'm pretty experienced with Photoshop but I'm always up for learning new techniques so I really appreciate the tips
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Now just add the Tame Impala version of Stranger Things and youve got a Grand Master Piece⚫_⚫👑⭐🌟
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I really love the composition and palette.
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I like the use of the planet and moon to block the sun.  Tha Halo effect as a backdrop for the ships just pops!
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Thank you very much :)
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simple but powerful art
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simply a masterpiece!
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Joey is it fair use if i use this piece as my logo but keep in mind it may get distorted or blurred.
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Is it a logo that promotes you or any of your commercial business? If yes, then no, you can't - it would be a copyright infringement. If it's for a personal forum avatar (or a similar use), there is no problem in it.
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no just a logo for my avatar i will give you an example.
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If it's just for that, you may use it ;)
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So i could say those are the examples and tell me which one is suitable. Z Pink AU by aqzaqz525   Z Pink AU2 by aqzaqz525   Z Pink AU3 by aqzaqz525  
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