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...and so they found her - long lost in space. After so many thousands of years; after their cataclysmic departure from their true homeworld they returned to start a new blah, blah blah.. ...and so on, and so on, and so on.

So, what?

Just another space scene. Y'know - originally, I wanted to set this picture into some awesome universe full of treacherous traitors and heroic heroes; swarming with battles more epic then the space itself... ...and then I said to myself - hey, face it - you're not a writer, let THEM decide what story is hidden behind the colors.

..Enjoy it.

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I'm slowly making my way through your gallery, and I've decided that (so far) this is my favourite piece of artwork. Not sure why.

...I will shut up now =P
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Good job, i really like the style and the use of blue color.
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wow... I love your stuff!
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Jak myslíš nejsou rozměry? Že jsi to dělal takhle malé nebo nechceš publikovat větší velikost?
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nechci publikovat větší - ta je pro tisk
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Nebyl by wallpaper 1280x1024?
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asi těžko - na to nejsou rozměry
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Jinak je to asi tvoje nejlepší.
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Moc pěkné, hlavně ta nebula. Jak dlouho trvala?
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Ta nebula? - asi 2 hodiny i s ú;pravama.
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I love your stuff.
another amazing work :)
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Such an amazing star field and nebula! :+fav:
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How come you don't answer more comments? Just out of curiocity since you get so much good feedback.

Anways. I'm impressed here over the light created, very good dynamic touch on it. Colorscheme is awesome and the composition is really great.

You've done a great job here. Only whish you would take more of an effort to get a good story behind it. I think it's better for You to make up a story rather than Me because if You make up the story you can chose how we should watch the image.
Great work still!

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I usually answer as much as I can - but I often upload image at 12:00 PM and go sleep and later when I wake up I don't have time to answer to everyone. I'm in the haste period of my life these days/weeks. But don't worry - I'll find some time pretty soon to read it all.
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great nebula, and planet!
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Freakin awesome. I wish there were blue nebulae like that in space...
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no už jsem se bál že jsi to vzdal .... fakt pěkná práce tohle se ti povedlo .
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Excellent work. Opět skvělá práce, ta nebula je úžasná
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I really love the planet and nebula textures... they are amazing!!
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Nice work, plus adding all that stuff around it and battles would have been pretty difficult anyway :p my only crit is that the back light on the planets should be more of a dull red to match the stars and nebula that's opposite to the main blue one, but if in your mind, you had an idea with two blue nebulae in it, well I guess the blue lighting suggests there's another nebula (the main one looks nice by the way, it's circular shape is unusual) 8-)
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