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3 hours

Geez, I really need to find more time for this.
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I love the glowing of the different layers of nebula from the stars behind it. You can tell which areas are thinner than others. Very well done!
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3 hours?!?!?!?!?!  This would take me three years! XD
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3 hours? I want to get at this level. Very fricking good!
kreatyve-jayden's avatar
Am I the only who see a dragon in the nebula ?

Awsome pic anyway :D
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i love space art. have a few of my own i have to re-size and upload again.
M-Ryan28's avatar
Fuh, respect, my friend :)
Je to paráda mať takéhoto reprezentanta z naších končín ;)
JoeyJazz's avatar
Díky, snad mi to vydrží :D
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It's been featured here [link] Great job! :D
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Hmm , intersting .. like something will grab the planet.. KIU :)
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I really like the background nebula :)
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This is so beautiful! Did you render this in a 3d program? I've always wondered how you get the soft, smooth surface of this whole piece. Beautiful!
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Okay, here goes.

It's really brilliant, especially, I love anything that focuses on the mystery of Outer Space, but the fact that this pops out as an unwanted ad very often in an obstructive way is kinda upsetting.
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...It popped just once to me... ...and FYI I'm not member of dA staff - I've just allowed them to use my image in the add - so, If you have any problems with dA advertisment, please, send your complaints to them, not to me. Even If I didn't allow them to use my image, there would be some other image by some other artist popping on your screen.
In short - complaining here is not just useless, but it's also lame.

Anyway, thank you for your comment and I'm glad you like my image. :)
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Nah, it's nothing, but there's one thing though. DA never listens to small voices like me, and million others. Maybe they will to guys like you.

(and yeah, if you're working with a computer that doesn't save preferences, e.g. deep freezed PCs, you'll feel the pain)
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They won't - I tried countless times to persuade them to give us back the fullview option and with now success.
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this is jsut brilliant!!!good job!!!
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I just saw this one in an add for the temporary discount offer of the deviantShop. I am glad I got here, your gallery is amazing :nod:
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You are welcome! :wave:
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Same here, so glad I saw the little link!
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I think it was a very nice idea to use a deviation for the ad and include a link to it. I love deviantArt! :w00t:
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Personally don't like the planets too much, but damn that nebula just leaves me speechless.
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Agreed- because they look beautiful.
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