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Out of the blue

Some fresh color for breakfast. I would suggest some nice orange juice and a couple of toasts while enjoying a shiny morning... ...'cause it's raining here :-/


1 hour spent on this.
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wow i love it <3 you are so talent 
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This has a maternal feeling to it. Like a mother releasing her young planet into space.
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Excellent, thank you
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this is pretty cool considering you made it in a hour I'd say you got some hustle in ya... and some caffeine too, maybe! :P ;)
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Well, there is not much in it :) Thx!
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yeah but its still pretty good just because it is simple :)
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beautifull picture i like it
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Impressive man, seriously... wait... you did this in an hour? :clap:
Well, time to practice.
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This is so sci-fi! :D
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It's simply incredible, I can't understand how it is possible that there are people creating such masterpieces! :faint:
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Do you think I can get it in HD 1920x1080?
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these are all available resolutions
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this is just beautiful. all of your art is.

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This is great. I love the simplicity and the color of it. Awesome.
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Widescreen version would be nice,
and good work for 1 hour, of course. :)
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Imma set this as my wallpaper!
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