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On The Wings of a Dream

I know what you like about my art the most - just those plain space scenes with nice nebulae a few simple planets and all that... a wallpaper form.

So - here you go - enjoy it!

You know the drill -> you like, you download, you fav = my motivation-meter rises up!

Wallpaper resolutions:

It's a wallpaper but for your personal desktop only!
© 2009 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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i love it but rotated 180° whit your logo in the oposite corner =P (Razz)
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I had this for a long time as wallpaper, thanks for your vision.
Have been following your art for a long time .There are some epic images in your portfolio ,this has always been my fave.I might have missed a post so can i ask  why the name change.
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My old nick 'Jesus' is not being used by friends anymore (I don't wear long hair and I'm not as skinny as I used to be). Furthermore, increasing number of people started to connect my art with religion and that has never been the intention (I'm not and never was religious myself), so I went for a less high-profile dA nick - it's just a nick after all - it's not a name - my name is still the same ;).
An edit of this (extra comet + text slapped on it) was used as the background image for the song "Shooting Star" in ReRave, a music game. The song is no longer available, though. How do you feel about this?
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No proof, no feelings. If it's not actual I don't care twice as much.
Anyway - you should give credit to the original artist of:
Cherry Road by Baro
Ah yes I was looking for the original artist, actually! Thanks! :)
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I had to visit this epic piece again after these years. :meow:
xXStarlightDragonXx's avatar's breathtaking! OMG 
The details are done so well!!
Makes me feel lonely and inspired at the same time. I think it would be a good cover for certain of Iain M. Bank's Culture novels.
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Wow! I just want to download your entire gallery!! These are absolutely amazing!! Where have you been all my life?! When I Google for images 'space hd'  THIS is what I want to pop up!! 
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I've been here for the last 7 years :D :D ... and there are many of us... O.o o.O :D
Enjoy my art ;)
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Fantastic work you did here!
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I wish there was a tutorial to make space scenes this cool. I have a spaceship I need to put into cool space scenes. :)
I was just looking around for a wallpaper and thought "Oh yeah, who was that really awesome artist who made amazing space stuff? Uhhh..." Then I saw this and exclaimed "IT'S JESUS!!" Haha! It's been so long since I last checked dA. I'm glad you're still around and still making such breath-taking works of art. Thank you! I'd say you made my day, but the arrival of my new tablet kinda beat you to it. Still, you're freakin' amazing! =D
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Thanks - I've actually been pretty busy the last few months, so - no new art at the moment... ...but that's gonna change...
Great! Looking forward to more of your stuff. =D
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This is really amazing :)
What programm did you use?
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OAO how u add the star like thing to it xDDD luffles it!!! an the nebulae
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I see a snake c:
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I love the colors!!! Majestic *o*
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The nebula looks great!
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