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50-60 minutes + 20 minutes adjusting wallpapers

Speedy work... ...kinda liked it, so I uploaded it...


It is for your desktop purposes only. No free background for iphone games, no free picture for custom mobile themes offered on other websites etc. ...

Get ready for Experience the Planets - this friday!

Edit: Changed the title from "Space" to "Myriad" ... I already got one nameless piece... :D
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A follow-up comment: this is still a good piece, the minimalism works well for it. The gentle overlaying of nebulae provide compositional integrity, balanced with the planet-placement. The lighting is indeed stellar (heh), but furthermore the colours add to the suppleness of the nebulous forms delightfully. One possible criticism: the nebulae in the backdrop nevertheless have a certain rigidity, like the texture of cement. That's potentially the insufficiently natural element in this piece. Otherwise, great.
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WOW! ...thats all i can say is wow! :D
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Please you must share a tutorial with us! This is amazing for a one hour work!!
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This is my wallpaper for my new LCD. <3 spacescapes
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this is GREAT. I always love space walls

I released a Suite called Myriad for Windows [link]
This wallpaper would fit pretty well with it too. =)
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yeah, amazing work!
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you're welcome, and BTW I have a crush on your gallery XD
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Can't believe you did this in an hour
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you are amazing! I always have a hard time convincing myself that your pieces are not photos. LOL!
Awesome work, man!
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Hadn't been around to commenting on this yet, but it has an excellent classic feeling to it, like an old picture by Greg Martin with less saturated colours. Plainly awesome, evidently not every piece requires too much time, especially in regards to minimalism!
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Thank you. "Classic" is one of the search keywords btw. :D
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You are welcome. Haha, very appropriate.
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speed paint O_o

You could make me belive, it was a real photo!!!
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Looks more like a photo than a piece of artwork. It's a step away from your usual style of having a nebula set a background color instead of using actual space for a backdrop, but that's not bad, is it? ;)
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But you are right about the color - there actually isn't any main color set.
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Of course I'm right, I'm always right. I just can't hold a candle to your art, that's all. :D
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it's not a photo - it's all painted ;)
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The correct response was "of course it's a photo, I took it myself!"
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Sorry, It's really a hand work... ...If you don't want to believe it - it's only your problem :)
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No no no no, you're not getting it...
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