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April 4, 2008
Talk about visual impact and think about space architecture, and Monument by ~JoeJesus could possibly be an artwork which brings imagination into life. 1st runner up in the Science Fiction Wallpaper contest
Featured by archanN
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So, since there were some changes in the rules of the wallpaper sci-fi contest ( [link] ), taenaron ( :icontaenaron: ) allowed us to eventually change our submissions and since my first piece called Aries ( [link] ) wasn't exactly a sci-fi (just a plain spacescape) I decided to use this opportunity to swap that piece for this one, called Monument. Yeah, it's quite 'overWOWed', but hey - you like it that way anyway :D .

In the wall-pack you'll find:

Technical info:
PS CS2, 3DSMAX, Terragen, Mont Blanc panorama stock from [link] (It was manipulated into pieces - you probably won't recognize a thing.)

Space, planets, clouds and landscape done entirely in PS CS2.
10% of the ship and structures were made in 3D SMAX, then heavily adjusted in CS2.
Approxim. 50 hours of work.

© 2008 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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Amazing piece, great detail and realism. Love the monument and the big planet in the distance. The clouds look amazing, and the sky looks magical, you always amaze with you art!!! :)
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This is awesome. Great job. :)
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I already set this as my desktop background ! Great!! :D
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this is an amazing piece of work!
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i like to imagine myself riding the closest ship , with a saddle and the works

maybe a cowboy hat


something subtle ...
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This is a great artwork pal, I love all of the details, and off course the balanced color schemes you are using!
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oh i have photoshop too hey can u teach me how to make something like that i love out of space art! :)some steps
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sorry, I don't provide lectures
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Wow all these people saying it looks like Halo need to get over it... Rings existed BEFORE Halo. The Halo in Halo looked nothing like this. Not to mention Halo was a complete ring in space, not a half buried one on some planet. Halo WAS the 'planet'.

This is such a beautiful work of are. Makes me wish I had a screen with a proper resolution to use it on.
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that sounds like something cortana would say

* giggles stupidly *
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