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Mercy - Wallpaper

Adjusted version of my previous deviation. It seems that it might actually work quite well.

Mercy by JoeyJazz

Pack contains:
If you have smaller resolution, just fit it into your screen.

For your personal desktop use ONLY!
© 2015 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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love dis picture

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great work! bravo!

"it's too hot now in my profile!"

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Just magnificient !!
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I like that you made this available for widescreens.  It is a very interesting composition in the original and a wonderful piece to have hanging on a wall . If you have wallspace... I don't *sigh*
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Thanks. I've got different problem - I've got so much wallspace I can't choose what to hang on it..
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I favorited it... and realized it was a whale in dark water...
And i was like... guh, fear vs great art! Aaaaand the fear took over, LOL!
Still, your work pops up frist in google for deviant wallpaper!

You dont need my support, and my weird phobias ;)
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Holy sh*t, you are right! It really is no.1 in google images deviantart wallpaper. Don't know how that happened. Still, I'm glad you like it :)
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Ya... my heart skips a beat when i look at it. But im super happy that i could bring something new & awesome like that to your attention :)
Really cool. A strangely calm scenery to gaze at haha. Love the colors used here.
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Thanks for the wallpaper, this is truly amazing.
Thanks for the wallpaper. Those wallpapers are really cool. Look for some more nice one from I always get wallpapers for my mo there ;)
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Wink/Razz  This looks amazing! I am a dummy! 
Very nice work! Pusheen Icon 
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