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Wallie for your desktops...

Pack contains:

If you have smaller resolution, just fit it into your screen.


For your personal desktop use ONLY!
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Oh that one hit right in the feels. A lovely delicate mood work

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I swear I made a piece very similar to this many, many years ago when I was in high school. What was your inspiration? It would be odd if we had the same dream vision thing. Everything is connected!

(Your version is certainly more technically adept than mine was, btw. And mine was acrylic on canvas.)

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Thank you. Well - the inspiration was my own piece I made 2 years ago:

Just a tree and a breeze...

- I liked the colour scheme and the leaves flying away resemble desintegration.. ..I just wanted to make something more human, something people could connect with.

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Awesome as always!!

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She sits in peaceful silence as she watches the slow riding sunset. A colidescope of an array of colors coats her calming eyes. The mirroring sea is an exact replica of the sky. A reflection of the heavens itself. The aroma of the mermaids chest of treasure - A perfume of the sea rolls over the bay like fog. All is still in the universe for her. Still enough for her spirit to sing. To be the only movement in the whole vicinity as it wraps around her and embarks on a journey across the bay.


Ah... This is gorgeous - An astounding creation! This reminds me of something I have legit done before. I mean the exact everything. The setting - The railing, the lights, the sea, the whitish smooth cement ground, and even the way the girl is positioned on the railing. I have a strange tendency to sit on weird and high places like railing because I like the feeling of being up high because I have always wanted to fly and that is as close to the sky as I am going to reach with out wings or levitation.

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What a beautiful place to be 😊

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This is beautiful!

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Ufff friend, the details are so simple but at the same time so great. You are an artist who mixes simplicity with "Art".

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Wonderful. What an atmosphere. Like the cover of a seventies Rock Album.

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Beautiful ! I really like the colors !

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Beautiful work and the colors looks pretty beautiful! ❤️

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I would love to see that view everyday, so peaceful.

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Very nice! Such pretty colors! And very sweet too ^^

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Wonderful :la: Another really great work!

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