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I probably won't be here tomorrow ('cause I'll be lying somewhere under the table drunken as hell), so I'm presenting you my "new year's" piece today.

Happy new year and all that stuff! :beer:

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I find is hard to comment on just one of your artworks because tbh they are all amazing and I know if I start to comment I will run out of things to say.

I love your work its always so professional and inspiring.

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hmm interesting name,ya know?
have you heard about a new planet that it have been discovered,its close to jupiter i think its name was tertys or something like that but im sure it starts with "t".believe it dattebayo :P
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It hasn't been discovered - it's just a theory - it's called Tyche and is supposed to be 4 times larger than Jupiter and orbit our Solar System on an orbit about 375 times larger than Pluto.
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hmmm... well im not sure,but i know that i heard it's bigger that jupiter,but it must be this one,i guess.^-^
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great art work!

it's better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved of what your not.
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I loooooove it
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This reminds me of the Star Trek: Voyager intro! :D
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Love your space work!! :heart:
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That's beautiful and peaceful.
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It is really great work, very admirable at all :)
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From a critic's point of view, I don't think that this one's as good as some of your others. The near planet looks a little too easily photoshopped. I think a bit of blur would improve the effect.

Still a great piece though! I love the close up of the rings!
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Thank you.

"easily photoshoped" - why don't you do it as well then? :D :D
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No, no, that's not quite what I'd meant :P Can you see what I mean, though? The atmospheric swirls just seem a little bit too clear-cut.
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Yeah I know already. You are about 5th person mentioning it. I won't be adjusting it though - next time. :)
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I really love this one: the colors, the composition, the technique... Awesome!
I'm really impressed by the level of detail of the gas giant, and I have a question for you if you don't mind.
I'm trying to have such detail with my planets. I always create them in huge format and when I then put them in the final picture I scale them down (ctrl+t in photoshop). But it seems to me like they loose detail.
Do I do wrong somewhere?
Thank you
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Yeah, they do loose detail. I don't know what scale of textures you use, but 10000x10000px should be enough so the loss of detail isn't obvious.
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