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November 8, 2008
" Words can't describe how amazing this space art piece is. Lovely use of colours and very well painted. Be sure to check this artist out for more eye catching space art pieces! "

Just Space by *JoeJesus
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by Sander-Seto
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Just Space

Spent all my imagination on that piece and I don't have any left for the title.. ...what a shame!

Well, time for you to use your own brains - name it as you wish...

...and enjoy it ;)

EDIT: holy sh*t - a DD!
Thanks goes to :iconsander-seto: for suggestion and to :iconpurpelblur: for the feature!

oh boy, ooohh boy :D :D
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Vitriscordance's avatar
Is it just me, or does this look a little Christmas-y...? 
Mirnar88's avatar
I love it. Great Work !
2Dillustrations's avatar
Background is awesome! Great Work !
Bazoom-Art's avatar
How about; "Floating Stars", "The Clouds of Infinity", "On the Edge of Liquid Eternity"! (Its just Amazing your Painting, and i enjoy it very much).
JoeyJazz's avatar
sherxfie's avatar
it may be "Just Space" however it is obviously NOT Empty Space!
YsabeauValikov's avatar
I love it. It looks kinda like a waterfall in space!
Mardoqueo's avatar
I w`d name it:  "Cumulus of the leaves"
Blostma1's avatar

Congratulations! Your wonderful photograph has been featured in the group, Those-Lovely-Lights.

Have a great week! :blackrose:
JoeyJazz's avatar
Thank you - however, it's not a photograph - it wasn't taken by a camera :D
Blostma1's avatar

Oh, I'm quite sorry about that! I knew it was a piece of digital art, but I did not update my formalized message to say "digital art." [This is actually the first time Those-Lovely-Lights is featuring digital art.]

Anyway, you're welcome! :iconflowerheartplz:
farAndBeyond's avatar
This is wonderful! I've had a number of your space images saved on my PC for a good while (I use them as inspiration when writing sci-fi novels). I must say, this is my favorite of the lot. It does a remarkable job of portraying the utter vastness of space without the emptiness of space.
KodachiPhantomhive's avatar
Is amazing! I love all your works! :iconlainloveplz:
Nasim-SW's avatar
OH MY GOD!!!!!
unbelievable work..
SO SO SO nice..Really love it:airborne: :love:
Kate684's avatar
To je nádhera :) Jsem ráda, že někdo od nás dělá tak úžasné výtvory.
Tenhle obrázek ve mě vyvolává různé pocity (dobré) :D
Kate684's avatar
Nemáš za co :)
Hatsumiyo-momichi's avatar
HOLY MOTHER THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .____.
BrandonStricker's avatar
This has such great depth and texture. Awesome stuff
Hello Joe,

Your art is featured here: [link]

All tracks are free to download.
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