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My first collab, which is actually finished! :D
So, officially:

This is a collab of :iconjoejesus: and :iconhoevelkamp: .

Here is his version: [link]

Frieso provided me a fantastic renders of moon, planet, clouds, landscape and later he added a few stars. Most importantly - he provided some suggestions, feedback and he even came with the title.

My role was just merely to create some composition, colors and some eyecandy nebulae. Oh, and those ships and city. And typo. Which didn't go well 'couse I misspelled one word and had to repair the whole wall-pack :D .

Starfield was done by both of us in the end.

The title was given after the first chapter of book "Neverness" written by David Zindell. I didn't read it. So, for more information - ask Frieso.

If you really like this picture and fave it here, go and fave his piece too! That's an order! :)

And of course - Enjoy it! ;)
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Awesome nice work