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In the Eye of the Beholder

Artwork No.111 - just some space pic

Pack contains:

If you have smaller resolution, just fit it into your screen.


For your personal desktop use ONLY!
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I do not know why, but looking at this filled me with calmness and clarity. I really love the blueish green and orange contrasting against each other.
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Thank you very much.
I am glad it has such an impact :)
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Awesome as always!!

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Absolutely stunning!
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Amazing artwork. 
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You're welcome! Keep on drawing. 
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Stunning work!  
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Good morning, THOSE EYEI am a dummy!I am a dummy!I am a dummy! THOSE EYE:D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin).      
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Looks like a planetary nebula of sorts. Awesome painting! :D
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||It's difficult to judge the artistic value of this, and similar pieces, since this falls under the Customization  header, It would be nice to know that the base of this isn't a hiqh-quality 'space pic'/photo and  all you did iwas adjust a pixel/star/ here or there because that wouldn't be impressive.When you look at this for long enough you do get the impression that something is staring back at you from the empty void,,very nice.
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It is painted. There would be no reason in adjusting hubble photos.
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I agree,however  the fact that it is filed in the customization category confused me. most artists on DA would probably submit this as a digital painting. maybe I'm wrong but customization   is adjusting/changing a basic form/idea/photo into something different,please take look what people submit under the customization header/category All i see are pictures of my little pony ponies that people have changed when i browse through DA photography/ landscape submissions that I like and i want to know whether something  is an actual photo (sometimes it's unclear if someone changed the colors,or other elements) i check under which category it was submitted the digital painting category usually indicates that it's not a photo think your work qualifies as  'difficult to determine' whether it's a photo or not' all i am saying is that in my opinion  you shouldn't submit this in the customization category..maybe i'm wrong, regardless it is a wonderful piece.
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Oh, one more thing - the term you describe as customization is actually called photomanipulation. Customization can contain original photos or completely original artworks but also adjusted photos and artworks (but only with original author's permission). It's not about the medium - it's about the purpose in this case. These deviations are meant to customize your personal digital environment.
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You don't understand 'customization' category - it is a customization of your desktop or other electronic device screen - this artwork is in the subcategory 'wallpapers - HDTV, widescreen' and it has nothing to do with the medium. So yes, you are wrong, I hope I helped you clarify so you aren't confused anymore. Thank you.
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Pretty sweet ! 😍
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