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July 5, 2009
In The Circle by =JoeJesus

Suggester said: Well There is not much to say. Amazing job on the depth and the ring of the planet. The soft colors of the background with the interesting composition really stand out. Once again excellent work from JoeJesus.
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Suggested by aRchAng3lZz
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In The Circle

...painting... ...once in a while...


As one guy here had already written:


This piece just recieved a DD - Great Thx goes to our master :icontaenaron: for the feature and to heavenly :iconarchang3lzz: for the suggestion! Thank you guys and thx to all the people who like it!
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Can I use this for my channel art?
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If this channel generates any commercial income, then no. If it's only a personal, non-commercial channel, provide approrpiate artist credit and you may use it.
Excellent execution, content, style, and delivery... Thank you many times over ... beautiful work I will be back to admire often...

I have been a loyal citizen of AE (AstroEmpires) from near the beginning of the strategic exercise... beautiful work I will be back to admire often...this particular work does in truth represent the magnitude and scale of the defenses we call Planetary Rings the best in the verse... 

I am glad to have found your works and you will still find me in the AstroEmpires universe "~ Aes~" (with variations of Aesurath) from Beta thru Fenix and... 

Andromeda, Bravo, and Centauri -- Aesuran as here... thanks again... ~Aes~
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Very beautiful!!!
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This is a really cool image, and work of art. If you don't mind, I may use this as insporation for a story I may "wright" some time.

Keep you the good work.
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Thank you and I don't mind :)
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thank u this is awesome!!!
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Wow, this is just wonderful! God fucking cool job!
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The colors are so eye catching, and then the overall system allows for so many possibilities. Perhaps they are leaving to colonize a new system, depleting their home world resources and starting to overcrowd their giant space station!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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HALO would be better name I think..
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Another poor victim of mainstream... ...this has nothing to do with HALO - ringworld theory existed decades before this silly game. e.g. a book called "RINGWORLD" :)
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vzdy ked sa pozeram na tvoje diela tak si hovorim : "kua ,dufam ze aj ja raz budem nieco podobne vediet vyprodukovat" :D

to je aj dovod preco do tvojej galerie moc casto nechodim :P
btw :+fav:
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This is freakin incredible! I get the sense that the ring is a massive extension to living for a massivly populated world, it would be awesome to write something around that. lol I like to write that's the only reason I say. It's really a beautiful picture though.
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You didn't know about this piece earlier? Than I'm glad I did the poll! :D
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I love the sense of space here
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