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EDIT F*ck it - when it rains, it pours - just hit the download for the biggest resolution available. It's mediocre piece anyway... I moved it from wallpapers to simple image.

It's still in a RAR file - since DA changes ZIP into html and thinks it's a text submission (therefore it cannot be bigger than 64kb - DA staff - you should really do something about it (instead of inventing stupid April fools day surprises)).

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This makes my body melt when i look at it
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Woooow! You're so talented. I'm trying to figure out a way to describe this one, it is really....... indescribable. Epic!
so beautiful
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Great one!
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I love the simplicity in this piece as well as the light :-)
gillette's avatar
great work .. 5/5
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maybe you think its mediocre, but the trainquility in this piece of art makes it fantastic
Chenn's avatar
njn, když prsi, tak leje :D Preciznustka tohle to (:
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The coloring on this is phenomenal! It's a gorgeous piece, thanks for making it available for download.
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So beautifully done, Joe! I love it :D
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it looks beautiful :D
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tie tvoje práce su tak realne..maju taku peknu atmosferu.. ze to az neni normalne:D
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heheh looks like someone didn't like the llamas! :P

nice pic,I like the colours and the atmosphere. again looking at your works gives me a sense of peace. everything is moving, but slowly and in silence...perfect :)
Orange-1's avatar
Faantastic! Great!:-)
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Beautiful as usual ;)
Loupak-Anko's avatar
Hmm... Kdyby to byl obrázek kohokoliv jiného, řekla bych nádhera. Ale protože je to obrázek tvůj, říkám, že je to dobré... A nebudu dodávat, že to je ve škole za tři.
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Ve škole bych dostal za jedna, protože se měří stejným metrem :)
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This is truly a gorgeous piece. I get lost in it just by looking. :+fav:
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re: preparing the wallpapers, why not upload the largest size in each of the common aspect ratios and make the users resize 'em themselves? It's really not difficult to scale an image... and I'm sure that most modern OSs must be able to scale images to the correct size anyway!

Great picture, btw. ;-)
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Yeah, but they usually lose a lot of detail.. ..and even with the way you mention, there is about 6-7 different resolutions :D
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Looks nice, I could have sworn you were gonna give up space art :XD: I don't know why you just don't prepare the wallpapers before uploading...Back in the days of dinosaurs and horse and carriges when I made wallpaper packs I always prepared the wallies first, otherwise later I probably wouldn't have bothered :XD:
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I already prepared and uploaded them - that message just inform people that an edit is coming soon.
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How you make these things... I will never know. It's just so beyond godlike that it's as if you're taking pictures of planets.

O and that Lady Gaga avatar is really distracting. XD
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