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May 9, 2010
Glacialis by =JoeJesus
The suggester says: Awesome, to say the very least.
I can only agree!
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Suggested by Hameed
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Want some ice?

Wallpaper resolutions:

Enjoy it - if you like it and download it - fave it... click for you, a lot of motivation for me!

And of course - this image is for your personal wallpaper usage ONLY. Don't rip or I'll rip YOU ;)
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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Before I wrote this critique I downloaded the wallpaper pack and viewed the picture on my screen in 1920x1200. I advise everyone to view this picture as big as they can.
I know your work now for quite some time now, and therefore I know this is something you don't do everyday.
You're able to pull a nebula out of the cylinder very easily and that is your speciality. Your Planets are very good too.
And now we come to the critique part. I'm not as satisfied with those ice asteroids as I'd like to be. They have a comic like feeling to them, which the rest of the picture hasn't. I would've liked a more crystal like feeling about those asteroids. More jagged, more edged. These look like they have been molten and then slowly frozen to the state in which they are now. I also would expect more light and transparency action with the environment.
Apart from that... It's a solid JoeJesus piece. Just not the kickass thing I hoped for. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)" />
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Thank you for the critique - yup, the ice needs an improvement - I'd like to perfect it a bit more. On the other hand - transparency would work only with really small pieces of ice and not with these chunks AND - I tried it - it didn't look good :) - and that's the main reason :D

I find this critique fair nevertheless and I'm grateful for your time... :)
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Well, it's still my wallpaper atm :D And if you say the transparency doesn't work or look good. That's fine by me. Just a little more jagged, that would be nice. ;)
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There is something about all your art that makes it so amazing! Especially this one!
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where do you suppose all that water travelled from?
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It doesn't have to be water :)
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woaaaah *mind BLOWN*
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How do you make your planets? do you use textures? or is it all painting? also this is probably one of my most favorite painting fromyou :).
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combination of painting, textures and filters
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I shall subscribe, I find your space art very intruiging.
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I feel so small...
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Masakr, ty barvy a ledový pás, to je bude můj nový wallpaper, díky !
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I love this blue. It's so cold but so beautiful. I'm thrilled. Great work. :clap:
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WOW! jaw drop! +fav
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It's nice. It puts you into one of those moods
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