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Gears of Existence

...noisy silence...

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I SWEAR ... this looks as if it´s turning if I fix my eyes at one single star!
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:D Stop drinking! :D

just kidding

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I don´t drink! XD

It´s an optical illusion that I have more often. Even with dynamically drawn characters, it seems to me as if they were moving minimally when I fix the view of a side Deteil.
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extremely well done! :-)
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I just hope we earthlings will manage interstellar space travel before either we destroy ourselves or some lumpy space rock gets there first.
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The scale of our universe is truly amazing.
Nice work.

I read somewhere that if you scaled our Solar System down to the size of the continental United States, Earth would be smaller than a pin prick. Yet you could still fit over 3,000 of our own Solar Systems (at real size) side by side before you reached the nearest star to us (Proxima Centauri), aside from our own sun. That's just 1 of the over 200 billion. That gives you a slight hint at how big only a small fraction of our Galaxy is...
The awesome Majesty and scale of the piece leaves us breathless with anticipation of the lives yet to be lived and the stories to be told before these truly collide. With all the tools we now have and will build We will witness this occurrence many times. Makes the imagination soar. Thank you for the new wings... ~Aes~   :) 
this is heavenly! It is truly great work that captures how huge and how small the universe is.
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Looks like a cluster of galaxies
Very breathtaking and Beautiful!
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Ooh! So pretty. I can't stop staring.
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Men, this is amazing!!, how you do this???? my god is awesome!
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Please make this into a wallpaper! It looks amazing!
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I totally love your galaxy! So much detail so realistic so awesome. How do you do it man!!!
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that's simply breathtaking!
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woww, how did U make a galaxy? I am trying to achieve effect like that but my skill is not as well as yours ;) +fav! my is 1000!!!
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Mazec, klidně tam mohla být jen jedna ta galaxie, ale i tak je to super práce
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