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Why go small?

This moon has been infected... fact - it is infected for millenia. These creatures need a lot of time to evolve - they are pretty harmless (except the fact they make their nests from moons and planets that have molten core).
Their eggs orbit around the nest (moon/planet) for really long time until they hatch. They probably don't need air or any other known elements to survive. All we know is that they prefer planets/moons closer to stars and need a lot of heat/energy to give birth to the young ones.

//Inspired by Farscape series. Living Leviathan ships gave me this idea.

Edit: Added some details here and there, changed colors here and there. Nothing dramatic.

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You have many great works but for me this one takes the cake. Something about the colors and imagining the giant alien creature silently floating across space...

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Thank you. Enjoy it ;)
outstanding work !
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That's utterly mind-blowing !!!
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This reminds me of a game. I think it was Metroid. This is very detailed. I love it.:+fav:
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Very neat, the colors look great! :)
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Fucking intense
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great idea with this HUUUUUGE leviathans, nesting inside moons or planets OoO scary but really interesting!!
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something completely different than you usual works - more vivid, more stars, less nebulaes, more strange work in overall :-)

but still nice work :-)
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Yeah, I placed my bet on the originality.. ..but I think it won't help since I ended up 2nd in the last contest held by Tobi with Jeff so they won't give me any chance this time :D
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haha. but it's good to try something new time to time :-)
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Whoa. Interesting.
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Gald you find it so :)
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looking through all of your art rly makes me want to go play startrek online! i wish u worked for them!
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bonjour Jesus!
Must have been long to work on lights and shadows for each meteors! But i prefer the nebula work! THe eggs coloration is really nice! an other beautifull piece! :earth:
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Make me thinks about Futurama "Into the Wild Green Yonder" movie
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hey Joe hi, im jjust wondering what did u update in this iamage again =x i cant seem to find them if anything id say its the lighting =x
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Creature has been modified, color of the lava is less saturated and some planetary cracks added around the lava.
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ah i see cool keep it up.
i hope to show u some of my "spacework" soon lol
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