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Far Beyond: Scavengers

Chapter I: Scavengers

And so we had finally found her. Hidden just on the other side of the Rufus debris field*. Argo, the capital ship of the Thessalian army - their jewel. Thessalians would have been wiped out much earlier without her - their uprising against the Central System Alliance lasted for 10 years and this battle vessel shot down more than 50 CSA battleships, countless fighters and some say that it even destroyed one Star Dreadnaught - a flying fortress.
Lost for more than 300 years - she seemed as she was just waiting for us to get looted. What we didn't know, though, was the reason, why it was 'hidden' in this forgotten dying system. I wish we'd never discovered it...

*Rufus was one of the 3 moons orbiting a planet Sinia14 - the closest one to the dying sun in the system D-11-08. It was deystroyed by the gravitational forces of the sun and the planet about 800 years ago. The remnants are called the 'Rufus debris field'.

Vivid colors - thats the mark of my 'Far Beyond' series. Don't worry - it won't be my major theme for my next space art pieces but every once in a while you'll experience a new chapter.

EDIT: Not SO vivid :D
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amazing colour and clarity!
thanks :)
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so inspiring. just looking at this takes me away to a lonely solar system. the crushing emptiness surrounding. 
the colours really do a good job of conveying the age of the system. really great
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lovely picture, very crisp and clear...
DevJohnson's avatar
Incredibly beautiful and perfect. Best Composition. Love it.
Is it a professional work or private?
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Stunning piece.
Demicus-Maximus's avatar

Looks like you took a snapshot out the window of a ship rather than it being fantasy...

^^ Epic! In every meaning of the word!
MartaEmi's avatar
Amazing, love this!!!
EthnisArt's avatar
I like the simplicity of it and the way you don't use generic dark space colors to paint a picture set in the void. You also did a good job demonstrating how small the main characters are in the grand scheme of things.
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Nice work and cool story :clap:
pickofdestiny's avatar
Whoaa ''Looks down at pants'' This is decent work. ^^;
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Amazing work man!
Sixth-Satyr's avatar
it reminds me of those old isaac asimov (and other sci-fi books';) covers for some reason...
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impressive work - your complet gallery! very nice to see your work - thx for uploading and showing
aryundomiel's avatar
I really like the colours, the sun is amazing. I really like it
cyclopediaofworlds's avatar
Great! The theme of wreckage/desolation/stuff left behind - beautifully done!
noobkilljoy's avatar
Blows me away! Well done!
SuperOmegaForce's avatar
Not only is that a cool pic but it is also a really cool back story!
Ov3RMinD's avatar
I love this one for iths great atmosphere. It draws you right into the scene - as if you were sitting on one of those asteroids watching those ships and the sun. Beautiful. Instant-faved it when I first saw this. :)
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