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January 13, 2010
Really really nice depth is showed in Escape from Paradise by =JoeJesus. He managed once again to pull off a great deviation with attention to little details, balanced composition and wonderful colors. The picture is really calm and rest the viewers eye. The rest of this artist's gallery is as amazing. (Suggesters thoughts)
Featured by TobiasRoetsch
Suggested by aRchAng3lZz
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Escape from Paradise

Probably done something wrong... ...or they just got fed up by it...

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AniaJay's avatar
Stunning!!! 😲
egypt's avatar
I have used this for a cover picture for one of my stories.  It can be found here.  If this is not okay, please let me know and I will remove it.
JoeyJazz's avatar
Put there a link to the original piece and please, ASK FIRST next time! - why do I even bother placing that big-ass "Terms of use" document on my main page?
egypt's avatar
I am sorry, and I will do that.  This pic is one of my backgrounds on my computer.  So to be honest, I didn't even think about it at first.

Again, I am sorry...and thank you.
ChakatTailswisher's avatar
This looks amazing! I'd love to see you make like a wallpaper bundle pack so that way I can just put your artwork on a loop for my desktop wallpaper. ^^
tadp0l3's avatar
Hey! You've been featured in the Deep SPACE Blog - Issue #6. Thanks for making such extraordinary pieces of art!

(yes, this is a mass message - so shoot me! It's still a freggin' good journal entry, and you're in it!:p)
lucid-light's avatar
Moc povedene :clap: neznam lepsiho Cecha na DA v kategorii space art :)
JoeyJazz's avatar
Dekuji, moc si toho vazim. Ono nas tu moc neni, takze to neni zas takovy problem, ale i tak to potesi :)
lucid-light's avatar
To je pravda, ze nas moc neni. Az me to prekvapuje :O_o: Je pravda ze vetsina mych znamych, kteri delaji do umeni tak nemaji ani paru o existenci deviantart, takze mozna jich je vic, jen tu nejsou :D
JoeyJazz's avatar
O tom ani potom - já měl na mysli nás tady na DA :)
Wittman80's avatar
Dude - your work is just beautiful! I am stunned every time I see one of your pieces. Absolutely outstanding work.
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Excellent! Superb! Magical! :heart:
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Dude this is awesome!!!
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i was wondering if i could use your picture for my typography class to represent proximity btw, awesome pic
JoeyJazz's avatar
Typography? Isn't it about "text"?
jyunogozen's avatar
yes but he wanted us to find actual pics that represent one of four elements
JoeyJazz's avatar
Oh... ...well, If you'll put in appropriate credits for the picture then you are welcomed to use it.
jyunogozen's avatar
ty and i was playing on it. Also its an awesome pic
Halvdager's avatar
2 DDs in one day? xD
Amazing scene :)
JoeyJazz's avatar
Pity it's impossible :D :D
Thank you!
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