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End of the journey...

A bit inspired by Freelancer... ...but just a bit ;)
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Oh wow. Your stuff is insane! 
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Cool ...makes me want to write a scifi novel... or maybe some fanfiction off of stargate
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Great ambiance. I really like the green tone of your picture.
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WHOA! Thats amazing! :wow:
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oooooh.... aaaaah....... O.o
Ionosphere-Negate's avatar
Dat Nomad Energy Blaster.
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Awesome glowy thing!
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Very interesting! :nod:
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Ahhh, Freelancer... Good times, and an amazing game. It has such a great storyline. Awesome picture :)
I'm using it as my background now!
The big nebula, black hole.. w/e looks like a vector but its still incredible/awesome/nice/great.. Everything!
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Amazing! Makes me think of what Freelancer 2 could have been like if it was ever made. I like the ships zipping through the trade lane rings. =)
wow, impressive.
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Very awesome. Were another Freelancer in progress I'd hope you were doing the art for it.
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I think more like the "Lost In Space" movie - jumping through the hypergate(s). Or maybe the wormhole from "Stargate".

Truly breathtaking work - the whole thing just blows me away.:wow:
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fantastic! instant :+fav:
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I.... Love.... Freelancer !! :D

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Awsome stuff, I like the ships flying through.
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