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EYE wallpaper pack

Wallpapers made of the EYE deviation. Both cool and warm versions.


Standard PC / MAC:


Dual Display:

Enjoy ;)

Edit - the pages went off while I already uploaded it and it coused a little trouble - now it is OK. Be prepared for 29MB!
© 2008 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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Man this is just great artwork enough said....
Keep up the good job!!!!!!
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Simply astonishing.
OK :) and thanks

I will submin a desktop screenshot -with icons on it, no worries!-
just as an homage to your work :)

Cheers and keep up the good work!
Very well... I will remove it.

I suppose you've seen the modified version I've done (with two tirds of the sun in the right half of the picture, and the left half full of sky - it's almost like the 1400x1050 version, but with a little more sun to the right). Any chance you could do this yourself and uploade it here for the community? As a humorous answer to your signature - I wanted somethig "right" (for my taste, at least) and done it myself... But it seems that was not the "right" thing to do. Now I am asking a busy person to do it - that's you :D
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You are the only one braggin' about it. I see you are capable enough to adjust it yourself for your own desktop, so there is no need editing it from my side.. ..but I'll see what I can do (like finding the original .PSD).
Sorry, but I think you've misunderstood me. OR maybe indeed I am misunderstanding how copyright & stuff works (please note I am NOT a professional, but just a hobbyist and my graphics skills are rudimentary at most so there is no intention of doing a "business" here at DA from my part). In that case, I will apologize and remove the wallpaper.
But first, please let me try to explain better. I have NOT posted your deviation AGAIN.
What I've done was a derivative work (a remix, so to speak), with no commercial purpose.
It was my first uploading something to DA and I wouldn't want to start the wrong way - but I have to admit I don't really understand what are we allowed to do and what not. I am always willing to learn (if it's worth the time) but reading a two-page Terms and Conditions sheet, I admit, it seemed a little to much hassle and I used common sense instead (well, obviously common sense interpretation might vary from person to person and I might have took a bad choice).

I've explained in details in the credits in my gallery: your 1680x1050 version had the sun in the center and almost no "sky".
I have merged the 1680x1050 version with the 1400x1050 version, that had a lot more sky in it, to obtain a new 1680x1050 version with more sky in it. It was not a big deal - 3 minutes of work in Gimp. I didn't think this is such a big problem. Regarding the credits, I have my task bar on top and not on bottom and I had to remove them because, well, it's Space, the last frontier :D
Having some text in the cosmic space was kinda... strange.

Again, I still hope maybe there's a misunderstanding ( I thought Creative Commons allow derivative work if it has no commercial purpose?). Care to explain why do you think what I've done is not ok? (Ah, and English is not my primary language.)
If indeed I am not allowed to post this "remix" then, of course, I will remove the file.

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You are not allowed to use any part of the image without authors permission. It doesn't matter if the image is for free or for commercial purposes - the wallpaper "EYE" is for your personal use ONLY. You are not allowed to redistribute it or change it in any way and then redistribute it (for free or for money).
If you need to adjust it for your desktop then do it but do not redistribute it.
I am the only one who holds exclusive and reproductional rights and that's what matters. See (©2008-2010 =JoeJesus) below the picture.
Author's sign removal is an infringement of author's rights.
I don't know what you believe is common sense but every sane person understands that usage of copyrighted work is not allowed without the authors permission which wasn't given in this case.
wonderful work!

i've mixed two of your wallpapers in the EYE pack, to do this:

I hope it's ok and ... maybe you like it :)
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I don't see any reason posting this deviation again and NEXT TIME, ASK FIRST!
Also, the deletion of credits is prohibited.

Be so kind and remove it or it will be reported, thank you.
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Maaaaaaaaaaaan this looks good. I have mis-matched screens, though.......doesn't subtract from the awesomeness at all. :iconilikeitplz:
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I must salute you on a job well done, it's really an awesome wallpaper.

Was wondering a bit about your wallpaper sizes, would you mind making larger versions available?
2560x1600, 1920x1200 for single monitors, and 5120x1600, 3840x1200 for dual screen monitors.
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I would :) - these are for print purposes only ;)
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Thanks for the awesome wallpaper!
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Hey mate, I featured you here: [link]

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You're welcome. :)
Wonderful! :D

Downloaded + :+fav: ;)
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it's a great one, but it miss a size, my size...

is it possible to get a dual screen 3360x1080 version ? :p
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Nice work, will use the warm version :eyes:
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