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A biiig mango... ...or a peach? o.O
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Loooool omg you were probably thinking i stole this idea to make my evil planet pic heheh. Well, it's very easy because putting the hitting planet in the centre is always easier XD
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I don't even know you made such a picture :)
Anyway, I thought this one was in scraps... o.O
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It has been gived DD even XD Anywho, from seeing your old awesome space art which I dream to make stuff like it I realized why you're too picky with faving space arts :P BTW: U should make a wallpaper pack of your old pics :)
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I would have to search for the PSDs and I'm too lazy for that (I rather make a new space art - today, or tomorrow). :D
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Nice! Make a Jupiter-like gas giant :D
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I hope the Gas Giant will be better next time - this one still needs a lot of adjustments. :D
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Is that a planet hitting another planet or a massive explosion?
Anyway awesome work, love the shock wave coming out of it!
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It's a collision picture. Thank you (although I consider this as one of my less successful images).
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I really like that explosion effect that covers the planet like a big circle great job man
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definitely mango :D well thats beautiful, gotta fav it :)
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Hey buddy,
Your wonderful art, has been featured in this news article right here, [link] . So would be cool to see you there :) And maybe :+fav: the article to show your support ! :)

Kind Regards,

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amazing. your pictures make me think of what it may be like to be a spirit finally getting to float about freely and see planets. Sounds crazy but thats what I feel.
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wow...amazing as always^^
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hmmm i'm thinking one of the moons got caught to deep in the gravitational pull and ended up hitting the planet after a long, unstoppable fall during which the entire planet population just had to sit there and wait. man that would suck.
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I would probably manage to get myself drunken and maybe I would be fast enough to drink myself to death before the cataclysm... ...hell, the biggest problem would be If it would go wrong and I would wake up after the hangover... have a headache in my last moments? - nightmare! o.O
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lol, dude that would suck. absolutely suck. wake up with the worst headache in your life and then get hit in the face by a meteor.
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For odd reason, it almost looks like Unicron. :3
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You have been featured here: [link]

i'm blown away by your work.. badass man... I read your blog about wanting people to find how to do this themselves, but could you recommend any first path to find a way to figure it out?
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...write a 'space photoshop tutorial' into Google...
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