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I tried to combine two of my favorited styles - the detailed one with realistic planet surfaces and the colorful nebulae "WTF?" style. Here is the outcome. Enjoy it, download it, place it on your desktop or, If you are really generous, fave it! :)

Hit 'download' to get:

----Tech info----
Software: PS CS2, 3D SMAX 9
Hardware: A6 WACOM Bamboo One
Time: about 20 hours (most spent on the planet - remaking it over and over again...)
© 2008 - 2021 JoeyJazz
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This is an amazing one as well! I love who yo have that amazing sense of depth in this piece, and I like how you have that great flash of light; awesome as a focal point :)
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this looks really cool and beautiful but how did u do it?
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This doesn't need words to describe how good it is
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Hello, your work is so cool that I use it as a cover for my trip hop song called "Racoon" ! You'll be credited as the graphic designer, of course :-)

Keep the good work, you rock man :-)
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Thx, but next time ask first - some of my art is already being used by 3rd companies and by using it you might break the law (since I didn't give you any rights to use it). This one fortunately isn't used, so, if it isn't for commercial purposes, then you're welcome. Otherwise you'd have to buy rights to use it.
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very nicely done
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It looks very nice! This scene looks pretty real!
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Wow, this is really nice~ I have a new wallpaper! <3
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to je moc heské
Elzera's avatar
darkn2ght's avatar
like the asteroid ring
InsaneGelfling's avatar
Damn you have a talent!
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Dang thats amazing, you do a seperate cloud map? Planet textures look very nice. I'd be intresting to see how you do it. Great work and nice asteriod feild also!
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Yes i've seen this, great job. :P :+fav:
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I really like this. Great job on the planet ring and the nebula in particular. Definitely going to fave this.
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no one ever makes 1280x800
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Thats 1680x1050... ;)
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That is so sick.. I'd wish I'd be as good as you one day with Photoshop and those programs man this looks so awesome!
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uz si dostal za to hodnotenie ?
JoeyJazz's avatar
ne, tušim, že ho daj až na konci soutěže
GabrielGajdos's avatar
skoda, drzim prst :P
inac planujem sa aj ja zapojit :rofl:
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