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Age Of Discovery

8hrs with all the post work and adjustments.

Wallpapers are here in the largest resolutions - you'll just have to fit them into screen if you use lower resolution (simple option in every OS). It's a RAR file.

(also for 1600x1200, 1280x960 and 1024x768)
2560x1600 and 2560x1440
(also can be used for:
2560x1024 - center it
2560x960 - center it)
No larger resolutions available this time.

You like, you download -> you fav. (you know it)

For your desktop use only!
© 2010 - 2022 JoeyJazz
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This one is my absolute favorite wallpaper! I'm using it on my tower as well on my notebook and that for over a year :D
I love hos you used bright and cheerful colors, as well as the detail, and still managed to keep everything calm at the same time.
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Can I use this for a youtube video if I give credit to you, as del as link this page? D: btw I just wanted to say you are my all time favorite space artist!
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Just incredible
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Awesome colors!
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All your stuff is amazing! Makes me want to get in a spaceship and fly awaaaaay :)
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Joe jesus.... you just can't stop makeing me have a eyegasm ^-^

this is beautiful! love the colours, the shapes and everything else! i just hope one day i can make something half has good as this!
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Glad you like it! Enjoy it!
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Beautiful, simply beautiful!
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Wow! That's fantastic! I love the different shades of colours and how they emerge into each other. It looks like a huge (cold) fire engulfing the small planets - moving and at the same time standing absolutley still. I like the dynamics how everything goes into the upper left hand corner.

Thanks for creating & sharing :) .
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Thank you for your lovely comment.
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How in the hell do you do this, it's so amazing!
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I think I may have already commented on this pic, but I was just wondering, what is the original resolution of it? When I look around everyone seems to be working at something like 4000*7000 which seems huge to me :P
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