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Vinyl Scratch - DJ B4T-M4R3

Vinyl Scratch (aka DJ Pon-3) is one of my favorite background ponies, and I was itching to make more fan art of her after seeing the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks short "Music to My Ears." Despite not being much of a dubstep fan, I just absolutely loved it. And there's also my obsession with Batmare, so I ended up putting the two together. Vinyl's mask is different from the others'; it's designed as a stand-in for her usual pair of shades, and therefore doesn't cover her ears and forehead like it does for the other Batmares. I also included her bass cannon for s**ts and giggles: she's gonna blow away bad guys with wubs. :iconjustmybasscannonplz:

Credit goes to:
:iconsilentmatten: Silentmatten for the Vinyl Scratch vector (original)
:iconshinodage: ShinodaGE for the bass cannon, which is a mashup of two vectors (originals: [link] and [link])
:iconlanceomikron: LanceOmikron for the Batmare cutie mark, taken from his Batmare vector (original)

EDIT: Changed her eye color from red to magenta.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic belongs to Hasbro and was created by :iconfyre-flye:.
Batgirl belongs to DC Comics.
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nanananananana b4t m4r3
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Yep! Wub a dub dub mother pleeper. LOL Yep, I keep it PG rated now and then. LOL

:iconvinylscratchplz::iconsaysplz: Have a taste of my BASS CANNON!!! :iconjustmybasscannonplz::icondjpon3plz:
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vinyl scratch used music blast!
its super effective!
[random enemy] was fainted!
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Heh that's awesome. :D
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vinyl scratch best bat mare in all equestria 
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