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Suki the Wolf (Remake)
Suki the Wolf
(Note: This is a remake of my Sonic OC's Bio)
Name: Suki.
Species: Wolf.
Gender: Female.
Eye color: Light brown with a scar over her right eye.
Age: 24.
Activities: Hanging out with Sonic and his friends, walks on the beach and in the forest, and playing with J.C. and also likes Pokemon.
Clothes: Black gloves, black and white jacket with the moon, stars and wolves on it, black and gray t-shirt with wolves and a white 14 on it, a crescent necklace, black and white shoes, white socks, black jeans with a moon shaped belt buckle and wolves on the belt, black and gray sunglasses.
Weapons: Hunting knife and crossbow.
Abilities: "Arrow of Light", an ability to free corrupted and heals wounds.
Super Form: Light Wolf Suki. (Light gray fur, white markings on her bionic leg, hunting knife and crossbow, angel wings)
Dark Form: Dark Wolf Suki. (Dark gray fur, red markings on her bionic leg, hunting knife and crossbow, black and red bat wings)
Others: Right bionic leg.
Bio: Suki is one
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J.C. the Hybrid (Remake)
J.C. the Hybrid
(Note: This is a remake of my Sonic OC's Bio)
Name: J.C.
Species: Hybrid of hedgehog, wolf, and bat.
Gender: Male.
Eye color: Blue and his right eye is bionic with a scar over it.
Age: 27.
Activities: Hanging with Sonic and his friends, video games, movies, seeing Sonic and friends in underwear, and Pokémon. He also likes getting along with other people and bowling.
Fur: Gray. He also has black bat wings, blue hedgehog spikes and a gray and white wolf tail. He also has white angel wings when he turns into his super form, Angel J.C.
Clothes: Black fingerless gloves with a silver cross on right one and a gold cross on the left one, black and red jacket, blue and white sneakers, white socks, light blue and gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and black and blue sunglasses. Sometimes, he wears a gray and blue jacket and matching pants.
Emerald: Gold with a silver cross on it. The name it is called, "Angelic Emerald".
Super Form: Angel J.C. The appearance is gold fur, angel wings
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Black, Luis and J.C. Wedgie War
Black, Luis and J.C. Wedgie War
J.C. was walking home when he heard yelling. He looked to see his friends, Black the Night Fury and Luis the Lucario. They were both arguing about something.
J.C.: The heck are those two arguing about?
(J.C. walks towards them)
J.C.: Hey, guys!
Luis and Black looked at J.C. with anger in their eyes.
J.C.: What are you both upset about?
Luis: Oh, hey, J.C. Black and I are just talking about who's best at "Halo".
Black: Yeah, and this sorry excuse for a Lucario thinks he's the best.
(Luis' eyes turned blue)
Luis: Say that again, I dare you.
J.C.: Now, just calm down, both of you. It doesn't make sense to argue about who's the best at "Halo". Plus, I use to play it long ago, but let's just say I retired from it.
Black: You played "Halo"?
J.C.: Years ago. I had a few issues, but at least I'm not competitive.
Both: Wow, never knew.
J.C.: Yeah. Plus, it doesn't matter who's the best at "Halo". I'm not the best at it and even if I was, I don't brag about it.
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 5 1
A Pokemon Christmas 3
A Pokémon Christmas Part Three
The portal takes Sir Aaron, Lucario and Ash into the Kalos region. However, it was different than how Ash remembered it. The Kalos region was in ruins. It was reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Ash: What the?! What happened to the Kalos region?!
Sir Aaron: Remember your battle with Team Flare?
Ash: Yeah.
Sir Aaron: Well, since you, your Pokémon and your friends didn't take part in the battle, Team Flare brought most of the Kalos region into ruins, starting with Lumiose City. A lot of good trainers lost their lives in the battles, including most of the Gym Leaders.
Ash: No... Wait, what about my friends?
Lucario: Follow us.
They walked through the ruined streets of Lumiose City and came across an alleyway. Ash sees two figures in the alleyway.
Ash: Who is that?
Sir Aaron: That's Clemont and Bonnie.
Ash: Wait, what?
Ash looks to see Clemont and Bonnie along with their Pokémon sitting in the alleyway, looking for food.
Sir Aaron: Without
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A Pokemon Christmas 2
A Pokémon Christmas Part Two
The portal takes Sir Aaron, Lucario and Ash onto a beach.
Sir Aaron: Alright, let's see how Tracey's doing.
The group walks towards a dock and see Tracey drawing on a notepad.
Ash: Looks like Tracey is doing okay.
Sir Aaron: Maybe, but look at the picture next to him.
(Ash looks and sees a picture of Scyther)
Ash: A Scyther?
Sir Aaron: Yes. Since you and Misty never met Tracey, he was involved in the battle with the Legendary Pokémon, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. He managed to take your place in saving the islands.
Ash: Well, that's a good thing, right?
Sir Aaron: Not really. During a battle with them, Scyther sacrificed its life to save Tracey and his other Pokémon, Venonat and Marill. It was then buried by the Shamouti Shrine. Since then, it's spirit has been keeping watch with Slowking.
(Ash was unhappy when he heard this)
Lucario: He caught another Scyther sometime later, but it wasn't the same for him. Lugia also became partners with hi
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A Pokemon Christmas
A Pokémon Christmas
It was Christmastime in the world of humans and Pokémon. A lot of people were getting together for the holidays. Ash and Pikachu have just arrived back home in the Kanto region and they were waiting for Ash's Mom. Soon, she arrives and picks them up. They were then heading back to Pallet Town.
Delia: So, Ash... How were you and Pikachu on your journey?
(Ash and Pikachu thinks about all the adventures he and Pikachu had together, along with meeting new friends and Pokémon)
Ash: The usual.
Soon, they arrived home and head inside the house.
Delia: Well, Ash, it's great that you're home for the holidays. I also invited your friends over for Christmas.
Ash: That's great, Mom! Anyway, Pikachu and I are going to visit my Pokémon for a bit. They probably miss us.
Delia: Okay. In the meantime, I got to start working on the Christmas dinner. You know, since there's going to be a lot of people over here during the holidays.
Ash: Agreed. I'm sure Brock, Cila
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A Pokemon Halloween 3
A Pokémon Halloween Part Three
Inside the cabin, Misty found a flashlight and was testing it to see if it still works. Meanwhile, Ash and Brock were moving furniture towards the door, barricading it so the killer wouldn't come inside.
Misty: Still works. Hey, guys, how's it going with the door?
Brock: So far, so good. Can you give us a hand with this table?
Misty: Sure.
Misty puts the flashlight down and walks towards the guys.
Ash: On three, lift it.
(Misty and Brock nod and grabs a hold of the table)
Ash: 1... 2... 3!
The three trainers lifted the table up and moved it towards the door. They set it down, blocking the door. Next, they moved a few chairs to help block the door off as well.
Ash: That ought to keep him out for a while.
Brock: Agreed. As long as we hide in this cabin, he won't be able to find us until help arrives.
Misty: I hope you're right.
Suddenly, they hear something from one of the other rooms.
Ash: Did you guys hear that?
Misty: Hear what?
Ash: Misty, hand me
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A Pokemon Halloween 2
A Pokémon Halloween Part Two
Ash, Misty, Brock and Gary hid in a cabin. Ash was looking out the window.
Ash: I think we're safe.
Brock: Who was that?!
Gary: A masked killer, that's what!
Misty: So, what's the plan?
Ash: First, let's look around the cabin. There's got to be something useful around here.
Misty: Good thinking.
(The group started looking around the cabin)
Misty: See anything, guys?
Brock: I found a baseball bat. We could use this for when the killer finds us.
Gary: Well, that would help for a little bit, but shouldn't we call the police?
Ash: Hey, guys, over here!
(The group looks at Ash)
Ash: I found a phone. Still works, too.
Misty: That's great, Ash! Now, call the police. Have them send help.
Ash: Got it.
(Ash starts dialing the number)
Brock: Better hurry, I think the killer's going to cut the power soon.
(The phone rings and is answered by Officer Jenny)
Officer Jenny: Hello?
Ash: Hey, Officer Jenny?
Suddenly, Brock pushes Ash out of the way. Mist runs towards As
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A Pokemon Halloween
A Pokémon Halloween
It was Halloween at Pallet Town. Many people were getting ready, from decorations to costumes. There was also one kid from Pallet Town who was also in the Halloween spirit: Ash Ketchum. He got a note from his mother that Professor Oak is hosting a Halloween party and he and his friends are invited. Ash was excited to spend Halloween in Pallet Town and Pikachu took the next plane to home, along with some of his friends.
Before long, they arrive at the airport. Ash can see his mother waiting and waves at her.
Ash: Hey, Mom!
(Delia looks and sees her son waving at her)
Delia: Hi, Ash! Welcome home.
(Ash ran towards her mother)
Delia: So, I see you're excited for this Halloween.
Ash: You bet!
Delia: Professor Oak is waiting for us outside. By the way, I also sent some other invites.
Ash: Other invites? To who?
Voice: Ash, is that you?
Ash turns around and sees Serena. Surprised at this, Ash walks towards her.
Ash: Hey, Serena. I'm glad to see you again.
Serena: Yea
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 3 5
J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Ch. 4
J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Chapter Four
Three days came and went since J.C.'s accident. Most of the family hasn't been the same since that day. The ones who took it hard the most were J.C.'s parents and Suki. The hospital transferred J.C. over to their home and has been in Barbara and John's lab ever since. Barbara and John haven't been doing well on business since J.C. was in the hospital or when he returned home.
Suki took it hard the most. Out of all of J.C.'s siblings, she really cared for J.C. and loved him with all her heart. Suki remembered the times J.C. cheered her up for the loss of her leg. He always had a good heart and tries to cheer her up whenever she's unhappy. Now, seeing J.C. in a coma after a church fire, Suki wanted to do something to cheer him up.
One night, Suki was about to go to bed when she heard crying. She went to find out where it was coming from. She saw that it was Barbara and John by a medical chamber. J.C. was inside it with an oxygen mask over his mouth a
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 1 2
J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Ch. 3
J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Chapter Three
J.C. just walked out of a bowling alley. He was stretching his arms and legs.
J.C.: That was one heck of a bowling game. Well, time to head home.
J.C. started flying. He looked around town, seeing how beautiful it was. He smiles. His family has started a good life here. He tried to think back of all the memories he had as a human, but he barely remembered them. He shrugs and keeps flying.
J.C.: Sure is peaceful. I can't believe Mom and Dad have started their own business. I can only imagine how many humans and mobians will be happy with their new robotic limbs.
Suddenly, J.C. sees smoke coming from the trees.
J.C.: What the?
(J.C. flies towards where the smoke was coming from and his eyes widened in horror)
J.C.: By the Angels of Heaven...
J.C. sees a church and it was on fire. He couldn't believe it. Ironically, the church was actually one of the churches his parents built.
J.C.: The church is on fire! I got to find help!
Suddenly, J.C. hears scr
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J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Ch. 2
J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Chapter Two
Weeks passed since Barbara the Hedgecat and John the Hedgebat started working on robotics. They formed a partnership with Ivo Robotnik and have been working on bionic limbs. So far, they haven't tested them yet. One night, Barbara and John were working in their lab, discussing on testing the limbs. Sitting on their workbench was a bionic right leg.
Barbara: This leg looks great, John, but we need to test it to see if it works.
John: Agreed. Question is who should we test it on, Barbara?
Suddenly, they saw someone by the door. It was their son, J.C. and he was wondering about what was going on.
J.C.: Mom? Dad?
John: J.C.? We thought you were asleep.
J.C.: I was, until I heard you two working. I came to see what was going on.
Barbara: Right now, we're discussing about testing robotics on someone. We finished this leg.
(J.C. looks at the bionic leg)
J..C.: It looks great.
John: Thanks, son. We're not sure who to test in on, though.
(J.C. looks at the b
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 0 3
J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Ch.1
J.C. the Hybrid's Origin Chapter One
J.C. and Suki were leaning against a tree, thinking about their family. It has been a long time since they remembered them.
Both: How long has it been?
They looked back at what their lives use to be before their family disappeared. A long time ago, J.C. and his family use to be human. Then, one day, a lab accident turned them into mobians. J.C. also had a different name. But, he forgot about it since the day he and his family became mobians. He was the hybrid of a hedgehog, wolf and bat. He had gray fur, blue hedgehog spikes, black bat wings, a gray and white wolf tail and blue eyes. His clothes were a blue and gray shirt, a black and red jacket, blue jeans, black fingerless gloves, and blue and white sneakers.
J.C.'s mother was known as Barbara the Hedgecat and J.C.'s father was known as John the Hedgebat. Barbara had with and tan fur, light brown hair and brown eyes. Her clothes were a green and tan jacket, light blue jeans, a black and dark blue
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 3 7
Pokemon Star Wars Ash's Pokemon
Pokémon Star Wars Ash's Pokémon
Here's some ideas I got for Ash's Pokémon, Star Wars style. I know I did Pikachu, so here's what I got for the rest of Ash's Pokémon.
Ash's Pokémon #1 (Kanto)
Appearance: Orange scarf and a pair of red goggles.
Bio: Butterfree met Ash when he was a Caterpie. He met Ash when he was looking for Pokémon to join the Republic. He joined them, wondering what the Republic was like. As time passed, he evolved into Metapod and then later into Butterfree. Impressed with Butterfree's flying, Ash decided to make him the first member of Brave Bird Squadron. He became a great leader and lead Brave Bird Squadron to victory, no matter how tough the battle. But, after saving a group of Butterfree from a Team Rocket battalion, he fell in love with a female Butterfree. He retired from Brave Bird Squadron and gave the leadership to Pidgeotto. He left the Republic and started a family. Ash and Pikachu will never forget Butterfree and
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 12 7
Barbara Cornelius
Barbara Cornelius
Looks: Brown eyes, light brown hair, tan skinned.
Typically wears: Green and yellow jacket, black and blue shirt, white fingerless gloves, blue jeans, black and red shoes and a Green Mega Ring.
Pokémon team: Male Mega Blaziken, Male Mega Venusaur, Male Mega Absol, Female Mega Pidgeot, Mega Metagross, Male Mega Aggron.
Barbara's other Pokémon: Male Mega Glalie, Male Mega Scizor, Male Mega Pinsir, Male Beartic, Female Leavanny, Female Noctowl, Female Serperior, Female Unfezant, Female Meowstic, Female Pyroar, Male Empoleon, Female Pachirisu, Male Trevenant, Male Carracosta, Female Meganium, Male Golisopod, Male Emboar, Primarina, Female Lycanroc (Midday Form), Male Gogoat, Female Espeon, Male Glaceon, Female Sylveon, Male Flareon, Shiny Male Sawk.
Husband: Johnathan Cornelius.
Son: J.C.
Bio: Barbara Cornelius is J.C.'s mother and a Pokémon professor. Like Johnathan, she studied Mega Evolution and worked on ways for humans and Pokémon to communicate w
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 4 0
Johnathan Cornelius
Johnathan Cornelius
Looks: Brown hair, blue eyes, tan skinned.
Typically wears: Blue and gray jacket, black and red shirt, blue fingerless gloves, blue jeans with a Poke Ball shaped belt buckle, blue and gray sneakers and a Blue Mega Ring.
Pokémon team: Male Mega Charizard Y, Male Mega Blastoise, Male Mega Steelix, Male Mega Gallade, Male Mega Swampert, Male Mega Areodactyl.
Johnathan's other Pokémon: Male Mega Heracross, Male Mega Beedrill, Male Mega Salamence, Male Talonflame, Male Infernape, Male Gigalith, Male Samurott, Male Unfezant, Male Meowstic, Male Pyroar, Male Crobat, Male Raichu, Male Incineroar, Male Lycanroc (Midnight Form), Male Feraligatr, Male Tyrantrum, Male Torterra, Male Emolga, Male Braviary, Male Umbreon, Female Vaporeon, Male Jolteon, Female Leafeon, Shiny Golurk.
Wife: Barbara Cornelius.
Son: J.C.
Bio: Johnathan Cornelius is J.C.'s father and a Pokémon professor. He studied Mega Evolution and has been working on ways for humans and Pokémon to
:iconjoeycool1210:Joeycool1210 4 0


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Hey, everyone. I've been thinking about some stuff for the new year. I know one of them is working on a few story series. "Sonic Zombie World" and "J.C. the Hybrid's Origin". I kind of took a hiatus on them, gave myself a break. I'm also thinking about redoing the bios of my Sonic OC's, doing better versions of them. Also, I'm working on some alternate universes for "Pokémon". So far, I have three versions in mind, maybe even two or three more. Plus, I got an idea for a Pokémon... universe battle or something. Anyway, let me explain.

Idea #1: let me explain the idea I have of the alternate Pokémon universes. I have three ideas: Pokémon Punk Rock, Pokémon Heavy Metal and Pokémon Cyberpunk. I'm also thinking of two other version: Pokémon Western and Pokémon Mafia. In fact, I already got ideas for Ash and Pikachu in each universe. If you guys want, you're welcome to give me some ideas of your own. I already got some storylines about three of the universes as well.

Idea #2: I'm hoping to finish "J.C. the Hybrid's Origin" sometime in the future. I got some great ideas for J.C.'s rival, C.J. the Hybrid. Some people ask me what the initials J.C. mean. Not going to lie, I haven't really thought about it. Same for C.J. the Hybrid. Anyway, I'm hoping to work on the stories series more.

Idea #3: I'm thinking about redoing my Sonic OC's, J.C. the Hybrid and Suki the Wolf. I feel like I didn't do a good job on their bios, abilities and maybe their outfits. I haven't gotten around to doing more because I was giving myself a break. Hopefully, I'll work on it more. I already got some ideas for the series.

Idea #4: Sonic Zombie World. A series I've been working on for as long as I can remember. I might think about working on it more, soon as I make time for it. I'm thinking about continuing like this: The story fast forwards to one year after the outbreak. I'm also thinking about J.C.'s friends finding out about J.C.'s past and about what happens to his family.

Idea #5: I'm also thinking about redoing the character designs of the post-apocalyptic version of Ash and his Pokémon. The ones I originally did turned out to be a little confusing and mixed up. I need help. I need help with designs/ideas for the outfits for Ash's friends and their Pokémon. I also need help on a post-apocalyptic look for Ash's Pokémon. So far, I got scarves for them with are a symbol of their bond to Ash. I also got ideas for weapons for Ash and his friends. Please, feel free to tell me your ideas for the outfits. My mind's drawing a blank for them.

Idea #6: One idea I find that is one of my favorites is Pokémon Star Wars. I think it's one of my best work yet. I'm working on ideas for the Pokémon that Ash's friends have, but so far, I got nothing yet. Hopefully, I'll think of something soon.

Idea #7: Here's a couple of requests I hope some of you would like to do for me. The first request is Ash's Pokémon having a food fight. The other is Ash's Pokémon doing the TMNT Pizza Taste Test. So far, I haven't found anyone who does requests or is even interested in doing them. Help me out because I don't know what to do.

I also got one fun idea. Ash's Pokémon disappeared, leaving Ash depressed. Then one day, as Ash's Friends were working on a way to cheer them up, they're visited by someone. Surprisingly, it was Pikachu. As a human. Ash was happy to see Pikachu again, then he shows him outside only to see the rest of Ash's Pokémon as humans.

What do you all think of them? I'm hoping to work on two of my story series soon and I'll definitely work on redoing the bios as well, when I have time. Oh, and I hope everyone has a great New Year.


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Joey Thompson
United States
I'm a gamer. A big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars and Pokémon. I'm always friendly. I get along with everyone. I give helpful advice. I try the best I can.


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