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Max x Liam
 i wanted to see what it was like to see what using a base for the first time
i got the base from…

The lost magic

Chapter 1


In pennsylvania there was a girl named Sunny. Sunny was the child of lucinda the witch god.

The first day of school

“Sunny?” June said

“Yea,what’s up” i say as i look up from my book

“What are you reading” she says

Oh you wondering who this June is, well June is a good friend of mine for like forever now.

A teacher come up to use and says

“Hello Sunny, you have a call in the front office”

“See you in class later”

I walk off to the office, pick up the phone

“Hello, this is Sunny”

“Hello Sunny your mother has made it so you will live in a group home at the school”

“What?”i say to the man on the phone

“Have a good day”

The man hangs up I say to the teacher next to me

“I’ll be getting to class now”

I walk out and go to class

Later that afternoon

“Well this is home now”

I walk up to the desk and grab my key i'm sharing a room

When i get in to the room i see a mess on the floor and a boy on the couch and i walk in.

“Um hello?”

“Yes?” the unknown boy says

“I’m Sunny, the new roommate”

A boys noise comes from the hallway

Yelling “ The Bathroom is yours”

The boy on the couch gets up and shakes my hand

“I’m Zane, and the voice you heard was my friend Max”

“Max is the son of Excalibur, and my father is...well the sun”

“THE SUN???” i yell out

“Yep”  Max comes over with a towel on his head

I say “ Where will i be sleeping

Max says “Come”

I follow max to my room

I unpack my stuff

“This is home”

I change and go in to the living room

“Hay guys”


“Hello, dinner will be ready in a bit”

Zane says as he's making dinner in the kitchen and Max is setting the table.

I wait in the living room then we eat dinner

The next day at school

Walking to school with the son of the sun and a sword was very….fun i guess.

After class

“Hay June meet my roommates”

“Max the son of Excalibur and Zane the son of the Sun”

“And boys this is June the child of Eros”

June says with a smile on her face

“Nice to meet you two”

“My pleasure” Zane says

“Yo” Max says

We all walk to power class

Max can turn into a sword like his father and Zane has light coming out out his hands

And of course I have my magic. but June's power is not good in combat she makes hearts come from her eyes and make boys come follow here around for an hour that's so not cool and weird but at this school is not even a thing.

“Sunny, what are you doing?” June says

“Nothing it's just my magic isn't working”

i look at here with this look on my face that means I’m Dieing

She looks at me we say

“Oh no”

Max and Zane came over, I grab Max June and Zane and run out the power class and go home.

Outside the dorms

“June go home and pack up your things we will be going in 14.0”

“Yes ma'am”

“What's going on Sunny?” Zane and Max say

I drag Zane and Max to the room and tell them

“Zane Max we need to go”

“Go where!” Zane says

“I will tell you on the way”

We pack up our bags and all get in the car we start driving.

Zane and Max stare Sunny down in the car

“June can you tell them what's going on so they don't stare”

June says “We are going to arizona,LA,and the last place -”


“Why are we going to  arizona,LA and Ireland” Max asked

“This dumbo over here got here magic tolen and now we need to find the ingredients to get her magic back”

“I'M NOT A DUMBO” I yelled

Chapter 2

On the road

Zane sleeps on Max’s shoulder I’m getting tired of driving and it’s night so we stop at a inn.Max’s wakes up Zane then we check in me and Max share a room and June and Zane share a room it’s weird the next morning we get to Arizona and it’s a mess we go looking at all of the magic shops in town it took 3 hours but we found one shop that had what we need…I think

“Sir do you have dragons eye?”

The old man said “indeed we do have some it will be 200 gold coins”


Max pots a bag on the counter and says

“That’s 400 gold coins, I want the change”

We look at him in shock

Zane says ”Oh you didn’t know, Max is a prince so he has lots of coins”

“Wow” I said

“Now we need to find some elevens”

“What’s elevens” Max asked

“Something that can only be found in a cave but the cave as been gone for more than 10,000 Years”

“Well let me be the light that will show you the way” Zane says

“So sweet” June says

“We need to get going before sun”

We look for it as Zane uses his light for use to find it when we finally got there it was sun down

“I know this would happen so I brought sleeping bags just if we need to sleep”

We go walk around the cave we come across something it was…

“stairs?” I said

We walk up the stairs and it seems it was forever *it was only two minutes*

When we get to the top we find a door. We walk through the door and we find a dark room I fall down then i yell no one was there then I land on to a bed. Meanwhile Max and Zane Grab each of June’s hands and starts running down the stairs

“What’s going on where is Sunny” June says in a scared voice

They didn’t answer it was weird. When they got to the bottom of the staircase they leave the cave.

Max says

“We need to her out of there, this prince Jason tower”

June says

“Whoever he is I bet Sunny will be fine”

Zane says

“No she will not be fine we need to get her out”

A key lock comes out the cave Zane then puts in a code

Max says

“You go get the rest of the ingredients I will fine and get Sunny”

June was so confused about what’s going on with Sunny where Sunny was was a different story

“Hello why am I on this bed” I say

There was a boy sitting on the red velvet lounge chair he says

“Oh how rude of me I’m prince Jason of well the kingdom of caved”

“Okay, why am I here?” I ask

“Well my father needs me to find a women to marry in 3 days and I heard about you so my father took your magic so would come here to find the ingredients and lead you here”

“My friends will find me here and save me”

“Oh will thay”

A gard comes in

“My prince your father is needing you and the bride”

They come out the room and start walking down the stairs Sunny sees Max down stairs saying

“I’m not leaving without Sunny”

The king says

“Get him out my face”

Then Max looks up and me and then he mouths the words “I’m coming back for you I


Really weird but I rather that then be with this prince.

The king says

“Through him in the dungeon”

Then the prince grabbed my hand and dragged me up the stairs and to the room pot me on the bed and then walked out the door locking it. Then I walk to the deck I see Zane and June down at the ground then I say to them

“What are you doing down there”

June says

“We come to get you”

I say

“But Max was put in the Dungeon I will go get him, but do you guys know how to lock pick”

Zane says


Then a grappling hook plops oh the deck and Zane and June comes up the rope then they unlock the door. I run out the door down to the dungeon a

then i can't write

 First days are a scare

I was walking up to the school gate there were tables blocking the gate i walk up to one of the tables

“Hello please place your staff in the big box over there and come back”

I go put my stuff up and then the person at the table says to me

“First Name Last Name”

I resoped “Max Excalibur”

“Follow me”

We walk through the gate and she opens a large door i see nurses and doctors and people standing in front of curtains

“Go find your curtain with your name on it” Then the girl walks off

I walk around and find a curtain with my name hanging on it a few moments later a doctor stands on a pedestal and says to all of the people in the room

“Hello I’m the head doctor Doctor Will, Today is the first of four Physical Exams. Physical Exams are so we know who will be your partner. I Bet none of you know what a partner even is” The crowd shacks there heads

A nurse switches places The Doctor “The partner system is a when a the child of a weapon and the child of a star or planet” Sundely all the curtain open for everyone to see a nurse we all walk in to the the room behind the curtain. The nurse sits me down onto a stool then she sticks a needle into my arm. Then she starts to ask me questions

“What’s your parents names”

“Excalibur and Colada” i say to her

“Dorm Room fifteen” The nurse says to me

I walk out from the curtain and then i go to the front gate and find my way to the dorm house walking up the stairs to his dorm trying not to drop the box’s in his hands when he comes up to the door and puts down the box’s and open the door picks up the box’s. walking down the hallway he comes to an open door. Looking in the room he sees two beds so he places the box’s in his hands on the floor he starts to unpack and pick a bed. I hear one of the box’s move i turn and see shoes then i look up and see a tall boy leaning in the doorway.

The boy looks at me and says “Sup’’

“Hello What’s your name?” i say getting ready to get up

He gives me his hand “I’m Liam, nice to meet you”

I take his hand it feels warm i get up

“And your name” Liam says

Still holding on to his hand i say “Its Max”

We realise that were holding hands. We stare in silence

“.... i’m going to finish unpacking” I say letting go to his hand

“Oh yeah…..I’ll go to the store and I can make dinner tonight”

When i finish unpacking Liam had already came back and was making dinner. Then i walk out the room and say

“What’s for dinner?”

“It’s rice care” he answers puting the plates on the table

I sit down at the table and start eating

“How do you know how to cook” i ask him with food in my mouth

He laughed and says “I was born in japan and my grandmother made me learn to cook for her and my other sildings”

“How do you know such good english?” i say to him looking him with a bit of food one my face

He reaches over the table and Wipes the food on my face off

“I came here when i was five years old with my grandmother and she went back to japan when i got into this school” then he smiles at me

Seeing his smile made me feel like i was dying. After we finish eating we get ready for to go to bed

“Oh no i forgot to pack my pajamas  in britain” i say as i’m panicking

He look at me in confusion “Do you only have one pair of pajamas ”

“Yeah i only needed one pair because half of the time i fall asleep on my desk in my clothes”

He goes through his dresser and pulls out pajamas then he gives it to me and says

“Here you can have my old pajamas it might be a bit big”

I go and put the pajamas on and go to sleep the next day on the way to class while we walk i ask Liam

“Can i hold your schedule” pulling out my schedule

“Sure”he says as he hands it to me

Looking at both of the schedules i say “So Liam why do you think we have the same schedule”

“Let me see” he places his head on my shoulder

I was trying not to pass out i show him the schedules

“That’s weird” He says

Two girls come over to us and say

“Hi cutie are you single”

I stare at the girls as Liam answers the question

“Yes is there anything else you need”

Two girls grab his arms and write their phone numbers and walk away giggling

“What was that about” i say to him

“I have no idea” we look at each other for a bit then he grabs my hand

And we start running to PE. When we got to PE the teacher and his assistant are at the front of the class

“Hello class im Mr.Horn and this is Miss.Velazquez”

The class says “Hello”

“Okay class partner up with your roommate”

I walk over to Liam who is talking to the same girls from earlier

“Oh hey Max where did you go”

“I went to the front so i could see what's happening and we need to get in a group” i say to him

“We'll talk later”Liam says to the girls

“Okay now let me demonstrate how to transform”

Mr.Horn and Miss.Velazquez grab onto each other’s hands and get in to a dance passions and start going “Left right left right and the most important thing is you need to kiss” Mr.Horn Says “Then the room gets into a panic

“Come it down class this is not my disson i will draw a number out of this cup and they will demonstrate” Mr.Horn starts moving his hands around the in the cup he picks a stick with a dorm number fifteen. Me and Liam look at each other and come up to the front of the class and go “Left Right Left Right” Liam says and then we kiss and i become a sunlight colored sword i realise that i can still talk through the sword.

“Great Job kids” Mr.Horn Says to us

“I can’t believe i did this” I say through the sword

 “Its okay you did amazing Max” Liam says to me

I go hide in the sword

“Max” Liam looks at the sword

“Well class this is what you need to not be a sword” Miss.Velazquez says to the class

“Liam do the reverse of the stabs” Mr.Horn says

“Right Left Right Left” I Say to him then i’m in his arms

Then the bell rings

“Class your homework is to practice this… and everyone is gone” Mr.Horn

Me and Lian walk down the hallway with my face in my hands

“Its okay Max” Lian says

I say with a muffle in my voice “How is kissing someone normal”

Then Liam moves my hands and kisses my forehead

“See nothings wrong with it” He smiles at me

And the girls come up to us and i say to them is

“Oh i never got your names”

“This is Jill and the blond one is Patty” Liam says to me

“Do you want to join us for dinner” Liam ask

“Sure thats sounds fun” Patty says

Then we start walking to the dorms when we get there i unlock the door and i go into the kitchen.

“You can sit down and watch TV while me and Max make dinner”Liam says

Liam teaches me how to make orange chicken and rice

“Let’s eat” I say

After we finish eating and the girls were at the door Jill came up to me and ask

“What to go out to get some time just the two of us”

“Sure that sounds great” i respond then they walkout

“Whos got a girlfriend” Liam teases me

“Liam she's not my girlfriend” i tell him

He fuzzs my hair

No ideas now


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this is just fun


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