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This is the 9th fanmade botched spot strip and it is based on a botched moment in wrestlemania 33 when a female security guard stops wrestlemania guest competitor and New England Patriots american  football player Rob 'Gronk' Gronkowski entering the ring to help  Mojo Rawley during the Andre the giant memorial battle royal.……………

The strip shows the female security guard preventing Rob from entering the ring thinking he is part of the audience however one of the referees tries to correct the security guard  explaining her that he is part of the 'work' a professional  wrestling term for 'part of the act' or 'supposed to be on the ring'. Realizing her mistake the security guard lets Rob enter the ring but worries if this will result in getting fired from her job,As Rob before entering is looking furious at the security guard for interfering him  .

This is the first and possibly only part of the strip where i explain one of the terms in the wrestling industry like 'work' for example

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