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Botched Spot fanmade strip-15

By joey2132132
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Here is the 15th fanmade strip of the pro-wrestling satire webcomic Botched Spot,This one covers  the WWE hall of fame 2019 incident where it  involves Zachary Madsen the man who caused the incident by passing through  security, attacks Bret hart during his induction on the  hart foundation,  attacked by numerous wwe wrestlers who attended this ceremony,thrown out of the stage and then ends up in jail to face police custody and it will likely be called 'Confession of the hall of fame Tackler'

In this fanmade strip ,Zach in his jail cell telling the police officer who is guarding  and likely the readers (yeah there might be break in the fourth wall in this strip ) explains his perspective on why he caused the incident in the WWE hall of fame 2019 and wonders if he would be inducted in the future WWE hall of fame for interfering the event.

Also this is the first time I use ink in this strip though I have no time to color. 

I also referenced Zachary madsen's appearance using the footage from the mail report :… 
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Whenever you feel like you're not making the right decisions in life, just remember that you're not the idiot who tackled Bret Hart in a room filled with pro wrestlers who love and respect Bret Hart.