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Botched Spot Fanmade Strip 16



Here is 16th botched spot fanmade strip I made and it revolves around the rumored  curse of the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal where it involves those who won the battle royal make their wrestling career  worse according to the sources I found here :………

Here it takes place at a locker room where Kofi Kingston along with Big E and Xavier Woods are celebrating winning the WWE championship when they notice Braun Strowman terrified in fear while sitting in a fetal position next to the Andre the giant trophy which they believed that he must be terrified of the 'Andre the giant curse' where those who won the Andre the giant memorial  royal battle will be cursed  by making their careers  worse and sure enough it was revealed that few hours ago after gaining the andre the giant trophy,Braun  gets a visit from the ghost of Andre who reminds him that he is now one of the latest victims of his curse 
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